Coming off Velocity Diet?

Hi all,

New here. Did the vdiet years ago (2007 or 2008) and crushed it dropping like 15kg or so. Life got in the way and I always had binge eating issues but now I’ve taken control again and just spent a few months at a fitness camp and fixed my binge eating issues also. So I got things under control. Last month has been up and down through as I left the fitness camp and was back in the real world out of the bubble of the fitness camp. So looking at using the vdiet to fix my food cravings and drop the fat the last month gave me plus more and to get super focused and back on track.

When I did the vdiet it was the original method of only shakes and one day a week eat some solids. Now it seems like it’s one meal a day everyday and the only thing I found about coming off the vdiet was this: The Transition: Coming Off

This seems to be based on the old shake only version. That was mental hell I might add and a hell of an accomplishment to have done it and succeeded for 28 days.

So what’s the ‘inside’ info in 2017 for how to come off the vdiet correctly?


Yep, the current V-Diet has a daily Healthy Solid Meal. That’s for sanity, willpower, real world practicality, and to more consistently practice good choices.

This thread has a little more info about the transition, but it’s pretty flexible. The key point is to swap in more HSMs in place of shakes.

How quickly you transition is basically up to you, it doesn’t strictly have to be two full weeks. It’s more based on how you’ve progressed, how well you know yourself (like if you’ve “gotten” the idea of the HSM and how to implement it), what type of meal plan you’re looking to do (like 3 meals/day vs 5 meals), etc.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the fast reply!

I get it now so I’ll just swap 1 HSM to 2 HSM for a week or so and then to three and keep going.

After two weeks I’d assume that it’s not a problem to be back on a full cutting plan? As in how I was when I was training at the fitness camp. I was doing between 2500 to 3000 calories a day and dropping a good half kg of fat a week (or 1 pound in the USA folks). And when I was done with the fitness camp and got back on track with the gym I was still dropping that amount.

Good to be on that plan again after I’m done?


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