Coming Off V-Diet = Counting Calories?

When coming of the diet how many calories is one take in? Is it the same as when one starts? Or does it increase?


The general consensus is to go up maybe 250 for a week or two and go from there.

One of the things that I’ve noticed helps upping them much faster is to make the last meal of the night only protein, and switch from a low volume program to a high volume one allows your muscles to fill back out and put on lil to no fat even though you’re upping them faster.

I suppose it depends on what your post goals are. Muscle size, continued fat loss, etc…


Seconded. I’d increase the calories gradually over the next couple weeks, and increase the carbs slowly. Keep the carbs low the first 2 weeks off, increasing them gradually to the point you can feel comfortable. IMHO, carbing up fast right after dong the V-Diet is a recipe for disaster since your body will most likely use all excess carbs to replenish fat stores after glycogen’s been refilled.

ease your body back into the “normal” healthy diet.

Thanks. Will do.

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