Combination of Supplements


I just started with Alpha Male, Micro PA and Plazma. i already had MAG-10. I am 59 work out 4-5 times a week. my question is it advisable to still take creatine, DHEA and BCAA while on this new supplement program? I certainly do not want to compromise my health by over doing supplements thank you for you thoughts


There’s probably no need for additional BCAA since you’re using Mag-10 and Plazma. It won’t hurt, but why take more than you need or spend the extra money on it?

Creatine is a fine addition if you like it.

DHEA is not a Biotest supplement and I’m personally not that familiar with its usage or how it could work along with Alpha Male. Perhaps Bill Roberts will chime in.


There isn’t any conflict between DHEA and Alpha Male, Micro-PA, or Plazma; no problem using them together. For the most part, the question of whether to include DHEA would be the same as when not using these.

I wouldn’t use DHEA for the purpose of increasing testosterone, improving muscle mass or strength, or losing fat because it is ineffective for these.

A possible reason to use it is a general theory of wanting to maintain hormone levels at more youthful levels regardless if evidence of benefit isn’t clear. There’s all kinds of things we don’t know. Any number of things are proven true now that a number of years back were unproven, and any number of things that are now unproven will later be proven. Benefit to men of restoring youthful DHEA serum levels might be one of those. That’s a personal call entirely.

The only reason that I’d see a difference on adding any of the Biotest supplements would be if your reason for using it was you found that DHEA improved mood or sense of well-being (it doesn’t for most, but does for some.) You’d likely find Alpha Male much superior for that and the DHEA likely could be dropped without noticing any loss.


Thank you for clearing up the situation for me


Glad to be of help!