Combination of Products

Gerd asks:

I am from Portugal and 57 years old. Still going to the gym 4x week and try to have a healthy life.
I would like to order some of your products and i want to know if it’s not a problem to take them all at the same tome. I mean for example taking the I-Well, Superfood and P-Well together, respecting their servings, of course. Thanks in advance for your information.

Taking these three together would be totally fine and would create a very well-rounded approach to health. Good call. They all have different ingredients and act differently in the body, so there’s no “overlap” to worry about.

Superfood and P-Well do both serve as great sources of lycopene and pomegranate extract, but that’s not an issue because they’re derived from different fruits containing lycopene (tomatoes in P-Well and watermelon in Superfood) and pomegranate isn’t exactly something you can get “too much” of. So, yep, good to go all around.

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