Combination and Timing of Products

Dave asks:

I just want to make sure taking the following products together is going to be ok. After reading one of your articles about mixing certain supplements together can make them less efficient.

Here is my daily routine which is convenient and fits my schedule.

AM no food: drink mixed with water, Superfood, Creatine, Glutamine. Supplements also taken: Curcumin, Alpha Male®, Rez-V™, Magnesium Malate, Iron Free Multi-Min.

I also had a question about Alpha Male®? How long do you recommend taking it? Is this something you can take all year round without stopping?

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Dave, great questions.

Note I do not work for Biotest, but I have been using their supplements exclusively for many years, because they’re the best quality available, made in the US, and they work.

A mod may correct me, but I don’t believe any of those will have negative interactions with each other. However, I am curious why you take ALL of that on an empty stomach?

The water with Superfood, Creatine, Glutamine sounds fine. Alpha Male should be taken on an empty stomach so you’re good there. I usually take Curcumin and Rez-V after breakfast, along with other vitamins. You don’t have to take them first thing in the morning, long as you take them around the same time every day. Possibly consider the drink in the AM, with Alpha Male, and moving your Curcumin, Magnesium and Minerals after a meal?

Curcumin and Turmeric are poorly absorbed when eaten alone, and are best absorbed with some fat, so again taking Curcumin after a meal with some additional Flameout may be a good idea.

Regarding Alpha Male cycling, on the directions on the label there’s a cycle built in to the dosage of “5 days on, 2 days off.” As long as you’re following that cycle, I believe you’re ok to take it year round. Again, a mod may correct me on that, but I’m pretty sure that questions has been asked before and the answer was as long as you follow the directions on the label, you’re good.

Please be sure to post with any additional questions!

Thanks for the answers Rob. I take the Circumin and minerals twice a day. The am ones are on an empty stomach for convenience and consistency. If I don’t take them before I leave my house there’s a very strong chance I won’t take them at all. My first meal usually comes after I leave. At night before bed I do take circumin, flameout,zma and sometimes z12. I have been using Testo Fuel for the last 4 months and am now going to try Alpha Male for the first time.

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