College Kid's V-Diet or Dogfood Bet

Alright so, after lurking around the forums for a week or 2 i decided it was time to dive into this diet full on, and as motivation i bet one of my friends(the one who turned me onto this diet) that i would finish this diet completely and not cheat at all. If i do cheat or not finish, i have to eat a can of dog food that he gets to pick out for me…lets hope i stay on it.

My story: I am a freshman in college right now, and will be turning 19 around the 2nd week of this diet. I was decently athletic in high school, i played lacrosse and ice hockey pretty competitively. I have been lifting seriously for about 2 years and have made very decent gains. Do to my age or genetics, or both. i have a fairly easy time losing and putting on weight (both muscle and fat)

After my first semester of school i managed to put on about 20 pounds of fat from being pretty lazy over winter break, i came back to school and my friends were quick to point out my double chin, i decided that this diet would be a good way to kick start a new life style for me and will start tomorrow morning

Height: 6’0
Weight as of now : 226.5
Bf%25 (on scale so i doubt accuracy)

pics and measurements to follow later tonight




im currently visiting some friends down in maryland so excuse the weird angles on the pictures but i had to use a webcam to take them. pictures definetly change your perspectve on your body image though, i now realize that i have alot of work to do

Hey can dog food eh??? i would have picked science diet dry dog food LOL …(brother feed it to me when i was a kid )…but yeah will be interesting to see ur workouts and even if u do cheat remember is still a journey dont give up…but again Im not condoning cheating either …stay the course

Keep us posted!

Hopefully there is no Alpo in your future, at least not the liver flavor. That’s the worst. Not bad protein content though.

[smiley face and all that]

ehhh so today would be my day 3, but due to a death in the family i kinda fell off the wagon and had to scramble back to NJ. today marks my new day 1, i will post my workout logs and genreal thoughts/comments next monday when im back at school and have time to do so.

Hey Mills, glad to see you on the V-Diet. You’ve already got some solid muscle under the fat you’ve gained this year. I was in your same boat about 5 years ago when I started my undergrad.

Only difference is that I was a suuuuper skinny kid that put on about thirty pounds freshman year following the “eat everything in sight” advice of many muscle mags. No good weight gain there. Stay the course, don’t falter because when you strip that fat off, the muscle you’ve already got underneath is gonna make you one jacked mo-fo.

Stay strong, keep us posted and stay active on the forums because none of your buddies will understand what you’re doing.

Oh and by the way, on that 25% theres no need to worry. As a lacrosse and hockey player you’re probably thicker in your legs and ass just like I am and the scale reads ass fat just the same as it reads belly fat. I look a lot leaner in the midsection than other people my percentage just because I carry it in my legs and ass.

Think hooves. And snouts. And cow teats. And lamb scrotum. All great dog food additives. Good protein though. Sorry to hear about a death in the family. Get your mind tuned into the program, visualise your goal at the end and you will succeed.

Hooo Rah for horse testicles!

so Monday is here! After a very long week last week I am back up in ct for school. today was a fairly easy day, however i did realize that HOT-ROX my not be my best bet. I am prescribed adderol for ADD and it is pretty much strait amphetamine salts so that and HOT-ROX made me sweat bullets for about 2 hours. but other then that i have nothing to complain about diet wise, NEPA was no big deal, its easy to fit it in in between classes. however my energy is completely drained i am pysched to sleep

oh and megaguy- yeah im notourious for my leg and ass size, so i definetly agree with you

triceptaurus- yeah i kinda should have realized that all constitutes “dog food” before i made this bet, but im not worried i don’t have any plans of quitting haha

day 2… i was kind of lethargic today, but nothing that ruined my day. did my NEPA, tried to go shoot some lacrosse balls today but the girls team was on the field, maybe ill have some better luck tomorrow and this good weather will hold out

day 3 coming to a close. i didnt really have any craving until i saw all my buddies eating tonight but I am starting to notice results, and that is enough to keep me going. did the workout and nepa today, i played some lacrosse which was definitely a bad move. after about ten shots i was already running out of power, but its only for another 25 days so ehhh whatever

today was by far the hardest day yet as far as cravings go, but uconn had a blow out and my birthday dinner at outback is around the corner so its not all bad

LOL … dog food.

I hope you finish the diet … but hopefully you cheat a couple of times so we can read that you had to eat dog food!!! just kidding man (sort of), good luck.

Hey, stay with it Mills. Way to think positive and stay the course even with the cravings. You can do it!

sooo sorry for my lack of posting this weekend but day 7 has finally arrived!

i must admit i got a little carried away on my bday with food and booze at the bar( yes i know im not 21) but i have been very successful anyway my new weight and BF as of this morning is 216 and 22.5% on the same scale. this translates into a 10.5 loss in weight and 2.5% body fat loss.

however i doubt the accuracy of the scale bf, it is still going down so i cannot complain. the rest of this diet i will try very hard to not again fall off the wagon and be alcohol free, and make sure not to overdue my hsm.

i am very satisfied with my progress so far and am only 17 pounds away from my goal of breaking into the 190’s with this diet. i am expecting less weightloss this week and throughout the rest of the diet, but i still beleive i will be succesfull, mid way pictures to come in one week.

day 8…felt great today, the weigh in definitely gave me a second wind. i am feeling a bit weaker though, could just be im not used to the rest times.

day 9…nothing to report, actually missed as shake today which i can’t believe, my goal for this week is to weigh in at 210 on my day 14. i definetly notice the difference in the mirror and am starting to feel how i did around October and November. definitely happy with this diet, tomorrow is day 10 and i couldn’t be more excited

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