Coffee People Who Miss Their Milk

I have quite a decent solution :slight_smile:

I tend to like espresso most of the time but from time to time I enjoy the process of texturing milk and pouring a nice machiato for myself or latte for others.

Obviously this ability goes away while on the V-Diet.

Maybe not anymore, well at least for the odd times when I really want a nice cup of coffee.

I have some Micellar Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC85) that I bought. It’s 80/20 casein/whey like milk, and is 85% protein, but has the majority of sugars and fats removed. It’s actually lower in sugar and fat that the majority of protein powders I have seen.

I decided that given milk has about 9g/250mL of protein I’d mix up the required amount of water to MPC85 to get around that figure and try texturing it. First time was pretty decent but it was straight from the tap. After cooling the mix and using an ice cold metal jug to froth I have to say I was really impressed.

Obviously most of the sweetness is missing and it’s a bit ‘thin’ given the lack of fat but it’s good enough in my book.

Imagine having a typical latte that was somewhere in the order of 15g of complete protein :slight_smile:

I’ve attached a pic of the final result.

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