Coconut Water - Yay or Nay?


Chris, what are your thoughts on cononut water (eg. VitaCoco, Naked), probably post-workout? Would it be beneficial or not worth the carbs?


For post-workout, that’s like comparing gummy vitamins to steroids. Go with real workout nutrition – Anaconda and Surge – and not the hippy stuff.


Oh sure, I’m definitely not considering replacing proper post-workout nutrition/supplementation with coconut water. Thing is, I workout in the morning and when I get into the office, I have a whole refrigerator full of coconut water in the pantry. Wondering if it’s OK to take the coconut water or go for water instead.


I wouldn’t drink the coconut water around lifting time if you’re already using some good workout nutrition formulas. Could interfere with their actions.


OK, thanks!