Coconut Oil?

Hey, I noticed the frequent use of oils such as coconut oil instead of olive oil. but when I looked it up, It actually had a higher saturated fat amount then olive oil. so why not just use olive oil. is it because of the smoking point?

Saturated fat isn’t evil. Highly necessary for optimized health and testosterone levels. And yes, it cooks at high heat without going bad like olive oil can.

A couple of articles talking about coconut oil:

You need a little bit of everything, I understand that, but specifically seeking saturated fat seems unnecessary
do you not get enough saturated fat anyways in a daily diet? I eat very healthy, and it’s not like I won’t eat a burger from time to time, I just assume that I get enough saturated fat in my diet, and don’t need to specifically seek it out.

the article also says that coconut oil contains allot of medium chain fatty acids, does olive oil not contain this aswell?

One of the advantages of coconut oil is a high smoke point. That means that, unlike olive oil or canola oil, it can be safely used for cooking.

I assumed as much about the smoking point considering that olive oil has a relatively low smoking point

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