Coconut Oil and Cooking

I have been cooking with coconut oil for a few months now, I am curious if it could be too much if i am using it to cook up my protein 4-5 times a day? I use about half of the recommended serving size of one table spoon.

I should clarify that I am in a 6 week clean bulk phase before dialing in for summer

As long as you’re not getting fat, that’s fine. It is a source of dense calories of course, but healthy calories, so I wouldn’t worry about it. In fact, I may cut back elsewhere if you need to lower calories, depending on the rest of your food choices. For example, I’d drop wheat and milk before coconut oil, if you haven’t already.

Thanks Chris, dropped all dairy about a year ago and have never felt better. Wheats been gone for a while now as well. I will monitor my %BF and go from there.

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