Coconut Flour/Flax Meal Pizza Crust

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I tried this a couple nights ago and it came out amazingly! You can definitely hold the pieces of pizza and the crust was really tasty. I think this is the best, so far, of all the grain-free crusts I’ve tried.

I am making this today. Holy crap that looks good.

^^ Seconded.

I’ve made this too, or something very close to it. VERY good. I’ll post my variation soon. Here’s a pic.

Great for tuna!

I just made this and it turned out very well. The crust itself holds together very well. I just needed to add more spices though, came out kind of bland.

[quote]Weevo wrote:
I just made this and it turned out very well. The crust itself holds together very well. I just needed to add more spices though, came out kind of bland.[/quote]

Dont be afraid of the spices, especially the oregano. It makes the whole things…kind of like with the cauliflower crust too.

I had this last week for my HSM, it was great, I should have prepped the toppings a bit better, meat and pineapple was a little cold, but I didn’t want to burn the crust

Can somebody copy paste the recipe?? for some reason i cant see the video or the recipe after the link.Might be cause im at work.

4 eggs,
1/3 cup cocount flour
1/3 cup flax meal
1/2 coconut milk (haven’t tried but almond milk or cream might work)
spices optional

bake for 20 min at 350. Flip halfway through, then top it as pizza and heat a little longer. I’d suggest pre cooking all toppings and preroasting any veggies as the crust will burn pretty quick after the 20 min so you want your toppings all hot. Parchment paper is key, makes the flip easier

I tried this for the first time last night b/c I was curious. I only had a couple bites b/c I wasn’t hungry, but my boyfriend tore through like somebody was going to take it from him. Rave reviews! Will definitely make this again soon and take pics, but it came out just like in the video.

When I made this I did so without flipping it halfway through since I don’t have any parchment paper. It still came out perfectly fine.

I used almond milk one of the 3 I have made and it turned out fine.

I used Almond Milk instead of coconut milk and tasted fine. Also, used reusable silicon baking mats/sheets, which is naturally non stick, so I was able to flip it around after 10 minutes. I also used high Omega-3 eggs so my dough turned out slightly yellow.

Delicious, though. Hubby really loved it, said it tasted “rustic gourmet.”

Oh, toppings were turkey/chickens sausage, genoa salami, light cheddar cheese, some light crumbled feta, green and red bell peppers. Homemade pizza sauce.

That looks great.

Here’s one of mine. “Rustic” to say the least!

So i went to my brother’s place this weekend and wiped up this little tasty thingy!
Sadly he didnt have enough eggs and he had low fat milk(…no mo hope for human kind)
and no spices!!double wammy…anyway heres the pic.

all these pics are making me HUNGRY. good thing i still have about 2lbs of almond flour left.

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