Coconut Bread


[quote]TysonKilpatrick wrote:
I use the same brand as Chris and it works perfectly. There is no difference between it and Bob’s Red Mill, as I’ve used both. I make a cake with this recipe (tweaked a bit) twice a week and with a little practice I promise this is good enough to fool people into thinking they’re eating real cake. [/quote]

Any chance you’ve put this recipe up here? I’d sure like a cake recipe for coconut flour…haven’t made anything with it yet that really knocked my socks off.



Vanilla almond milk, unsweetened.

When we first started using this we added a little Splenda. Now we don’t. Took just a few weeks to transition to almond milk from Calorie Countdown.

We use it for coffee, recipes, and just drink it by the glass. Very low calorie, low carb, no sugar, Point out to her that it has 40 cals per serving instead of 90 like skim milk. Also, about 2 carbs per cup (1g fiber) vs skim milk’s 13g (12 from sugar).

The only drawback to almond milk is that it’s not a protein source. Fine with me since I’d prefer get my protein from meat, eggs, and Metabolic Drive. [/quote]

Thanks for the suggestion. I definitley think unsweetened almond milk with splenda has a chance.

It’s all mental with my wife. She couldn’t care less about protein content in milk. Her family always drinks milk for dinner. She grew up with it. And she’s big on family, maybe drinking it reminds her of her family. I don’t really know. Forever, she has been in denial that it could be a negative toward her weight loss.

Now, she knows how detrimental it is, but for whatever reason, doesn’t care. And she’s been doing great with all other aspects of her diet.

I recently suggested to her that we follow the 100 carb diet that you recently wrote. But she shot it down immediatley, because I think she knew with 40-50 daily carbs already dedicated to milk, there was no way she could follow it.

I am definitley going to buy some unsweetened almond milk tonight, add some splenda, and hopefully recommend it to her.


Well all you can do it plant the seed, things that have that kind of tie into emotion are hard to change. But she may just get frustrated enough one day to make the change. It is all a mental thing and no matter how you push her to change it won’t happen unless she is on board. Today’s spill has some great thoughts on this line of thought!



Here is exactly what I do.

3/4c coconut flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp Cocoa powder
1/2c Splenda
splash of vanilla
2 whole eggs
1 1/4c egg beaters (this turned out to be important, don’t use liquid egg whites here or the cake will be dry, the emolients used in the egg beaters as well as the thickeners make the cake moist)

Optional ingredients:
Chopped baker’s 100% chocolate
pumpkin (leave out the cocoa and add cinnamon/pumkin pie spice)
1 Tbsp melted butter (I usually leave that out but it makes it a bit more moist)

Mix the dry and then add the wet and mix until you have a dough ball. Spread it into a small pyrex dish (12x8) and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes or until the top doesn’t feel spongy. DO NOT OVERCOOK IT. That dries it out. Now choose your frosting. Let the cake cool a minute and the ice it. I eat the whole thing with some vegetables as a meal on the two days a week I don’t lift.

Option 1: Cream cheese
4 oz FF cream cheese (1/2 a tub or block)
1/2c splenda OR 1 scoop of sweetened protein
(cinnamon if made a cinnamon/spice version or cocoa if it’s chocolate)

Option 2: Protein icing
1 scoop flavored protein (Metabolic Drive is actually the best I’ve found for this)
1 Tbsp coconut flour
Milk OR coconut milk OR almond milk added a splash at a time until you get the consistency that you want.


cool tyson thanks for the recipe. I will try it out maybe this weekend!


Indeed madam, let me know how it turns out. I actually made up jars of the dry mix for this and gave them as xmas presents, (normal) people liked it that much.


seriously Chris, get on that cookbook or delegate it to the Mrs…you lazy , haha


I used the base recipe but made muffins instead because I know if I made a loaf of bread I would eat it all in one sitting. Great recipe Chris!


I love making this recipe as muffins. They are a quick snack to take on the go and surprisingly filling. Here is the nutrition profile I came up with using 3 whole eggs and 6 egg whites:

Per each muffin: 67 cal, 5 grams protein, 2 grams fat, 6 grams carbs (net carbs = 2.8), 3 grams fiber

NOTE: This will make about 10 muffins, bake at 350 for 20 minutes