CMEHTA's V-Diet Log (08/31/2009 Start)

Excited to start the V-Diet tomorrow. I’ve recorded my measurements and taken my before pictures. The powder for tomorrow’s shakes are mixed and ready to go and I am excited to get underway.

Good luck ^^ Just make sure to work your ass off in the workouts and do the NEPA no matter what.

Thanks for the tip! What do people usually do for their NEPA? I was wondering if a round of golf would count if I were to walk and carry my bag…

I usually just throw on the ipod and go for a walk round my town…try to keep it to about 4 miles or an hour.

I think golf would be a good one.

Hi! Good luck!

As for NEPA, just make sure you have good walking shoes. I find it easier to do my NEPA coming back from work. I have to get back to my place so I might as well walk it. I am seeing neighbourhoods with a different eye.

Good Luck and Welcome! I am starting week 2 and the encouragement is phenomanol here i theis forum. Keep posting and we will all keep picking each other up!

Have a great day


Day One: Thanks, everyone! I just had my first shake…I think I paced three miles around my kitchen trying to consume the first shake (I wonder if that counts as my NEPA :slight_smile: )…it tasted surprisingly good, but 3 pills, 10oz of powder and 24oz of water was a lot to consume first think in the morning. Anyway, the excitement of this diet hasn’t worn off yet, so hopefully I can keep that going. Thanks again for the support!

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