Citrulline in Plazma


Common people I have never seen a pre & intra workout supplement that doesn’t tell you how many grams of citruline is in their product until I seen plazma so Biotest Tnation tell us how many grams of citruline are in plazma & everything else in there like Betaine & so on 65grams of a mix of whatever tells us nothing. I have yet to try this product its here but I am finishing the other products I have then you will hear the truth about plazma micropa mag10 curcumin rev zma rhodiola metabolic drive & surge


Proprietary formulas that don’t list the amounts of every single ingredient aren’t that uncommon, so I find it weird that you’ve never seen that anywhere before.

Biotest has been the first to hit the market with several different types of products, like Plazma, Micro-PA, and Indigo-3G, that quickly get copied or attempted by competitors/imitators. That’s one reason for the proprietary blend - to slow down the dipsticks that try riding coattails.

The best bet is to be your own experiment. Do your hard training and smart eating, add the Plazma, track your progress and recovery, and see the results for yourself.


anyway I had 2 servings of plazma & one serving of Mag 10 after workout I was 10lb weaker on 2 exercises I’m not that strong to start off with so thats no big deal I didn’t feel any pump whatsoever day one down.


Make sure you’re using the workout drinks properly to be most effective. If you’re using two scoops of Plazma, have one scoop 15 minutes before the workout starts and sip the other scoop throughout the workout. Have the Mag-10 about an hour after lifting, and have a regular meal some time after that.

What does your training look like (the exercises, sets, and reps)? Plazma can help with a pump, but not all workouts will deliver a pump depending on how they’re laid out.


Thanks I followed proper protocol with the Plazma as far as the training I only workout eod & I’m following Guru manns Mass-up but I add a back workout before & after any push workout whether its chest or shoulders as I have shoulder disability since birth & no one even the healthy push more than they pull not good I learned this from T Nation Also since working my scapula traps has helped more than any rotator cuff work for my shoulders also learned on T Nation good luck to you see you under the bar. Best regards Phil


Plazma day 2 Ok on day one I had added my hemoval pre workout to the Plazma maybe that was a mistake cause today day 2 wtf just happened I know that anyone reading this may think its all hype from this site I swear guys I felt like I was on test deca & dbol cycle I was doing legs & always feeling like adding more weight well I’m 60 years young & only weigh 165lb 5’8" tall I rode my bike to gym 5miles that usually slows me down on a leg day but today squating I went back up to 185lbs which I have only done on the above cycle last year.

i know that ain’t much for most guys but for me thats my max on cycle I do 6reps @ 185lb Plazma I got 8 reps On leg press I do 10 plates wanted to go to 12 but the old wise guy thought it was better to stay at 10 but found myself doing 10 reps instead of 8 who the f-ck do I think I am on Plazma some f-cking bodybuilder or something I’m just a disabled old man. Enough already on the bike ride home I’m usually slow & burnt out today I was some maniac on the trail look out people Its some dickhead coming flying on Plazma whats in that proprietary blend powdered deca dbol & test. I had a serving of Surge 3/4 of way into workout Mag-10 when I got off my bike at home. Ok maybe its placebo effect.

I am on trt 125mg twice a week along with hcg350iu & proviron to free up that test bines a lot at this age but it never made me up my game only deca & dbol do that. If this happens 2days from now on day 3 of Plazma I’m sending it to a lab for testing I need to know whats in there. This was only 130grams of Plazma 65 before training 65 during Surge near the end. Has anyone else felt like this on this shit is it gonna stay legal or is it gonna get banned. Best Regards Phil