Circuit Challenge Modified



I hope all is well my friend. Quick take on this new modified V-challenge (I’m now away from the V-Diet though in a fatloss phase) So I put together a killer circuit with the same exercises as the advanced challenge although I modified it some to make it more difficult. Then added some V Crunches and underhand pullups all at 10 reps per exercise. BUT…in between each circuit I do one 400m run. The workout takes about 30 minutes and I do 4 sets. I like this a bit better as its shorter in duration with the added running for fun.


  1. I’m eating at about maintenance cals, not super sub caloric. For High Intensity workouts like these should I throw in a scoop of MAG-10 during the workout to stop muscle wasting? Or is it not really an issue since my cals are at maintenance levels.

  2. For this type of trainging should I lower the reps a bit, to not illicit muscle fatigue, or do we want muscle fatigue to set in around 8-10 reps for this type of fat loss training.


Also is it best to keep this type of work under 30 minutes…or as I gain endurance add sets. Thus using Metabolic fatigue as a guage of when to stop the workout. As right now 4 sets with the runs are plenty!


Sounds fun. And by “fun” I mean awesomely grueling!

  1. A scoop of MAG-10, I’m learning, is never a bad idea. Though I don’t think you’re at too much risk of muscle loss, a little “muscle insurance” is fine. It could only help. And remember, a hit of MAG-10 has a great metabolic affect than the measly 56 calories it contains. As Tim Patterson says, if someone were dieting he’d have them take even more MAG-10 than the bulk-focused guy.

  2. I think as long as rest periods are short, you’re good to go. I’d avoid hitting failure on anything though for this type of training.