Chutec is Laying Down a Log

Hi all

Long time T-Nation lurker here. Bit of history - went from 324 pounds to 196 in 2006-2007. Progress here:

Since reaching my slimmest I have focused on gaining strength, getting my deadlift up from around 110kg to 200kg. In the process I have bulked up a little and laid down some new fat. the last 4-5 months I have been in a new job and my dietary habits are sliding.

Ill be doing the V-diet as of tomorrow to ‘reset’ my taste preferences and drop 4-5% BF. I have already done it once - but this time I am in a much busier, more stressfull environment with less time on my hands - so any support welcome!

Ill post photos when I get home tonight



Wow, just saw your 300+ pics. Great transformation so far!

Keep us posted on your V-Diet!

starting measurements (inches):

neck - 15
upper chest - 43
lower chest - 43
waist - 36.5
navel waist - 41
bicep - 15
flexed bicep - 16.2
hips - 41
thigh - 27
calf - 16.8
ankle - 9.4

caliper (3 point - mm)

chest - 5.7
abs - 11
thigh - 15

forgot to weigh myself this morning - was 240 pounds 3 days ago!

here are my pics for comparison

Ill not be taking any more pics until the 6 week are done (hmm and maybe I have more to lose than I thought! - camera is definately a useful tool!)

I think ill be looking to lose about 15 pounds if possible.

thats day 1 down - it was a breeze

workout went as expected - went a big light on the weight so ended up doing 10 reps to start each exercise rather than the 8-9 I was meant to on medium.

So next week ill up it a little and that should do the trick.

Day two flew by. Day 3 - bit light heading in the gym today - I may have been hitting it a little too hard!

Im going to take it easy for the first v-burn tomorrow!

day 6 now - not as hard as I remember it!

having my first HSM tonight so weighed myself this morning. 231 pounds.

My average weight prior to this was 238 so thats a pretty impressive amount of water weight I am guessing!

Day 7 now. straight back on the shakes and feeling good.

Meal yesterday was gooood!

1 100g sirloin steak
2 cups broccoli
2 cups mash potato (nothing added)
3 cups minced beef

probably went about 50% over the amount I intended to eat!

day 8 - getting bored of shakes - last time it was around about day 9-10 that I just stopped thinking about any food or shakes. I just switched to autopilot and cruised the last 20 days! hope it works the same this time!

day 9 - Still going strong.

I read that some people eat salt to help keep hydrated and for salt cravings. I am craving some vegetable / chicken stock.

I presume stock (the kind from one of those small cubs with hot water - is that called boullion?) isnt allowed?

day 10 - killed myself in the gym today - glad its the weekend. I have felt my concentration slipping at work - anyone got any tips or tricks for dealing with this sort of thing?

that’s a really tough one when you are on such a restricted diet.

i struggle with this quite a bit. it usually happens because of one of the following:

unusual stress at work: doesn’t happen often but when it does, i just go home and go for a run or something. sometimes have a few drinks.

lack of sleep: happens more often but an extra few grams of fish oil + 3 or 4 z-12’s at night = 9 or 10 hours of solid sleep. that usually takes care of that.

to much working out: same as lack of sleep + an extra day or two (sometimes 3 or 4 depending on how foggy i feel) away from the gym. i come back really refreshed in the gym and at work.

not enough food: have a gigantic bowl of blueberries because i try and keep carbs low so when my concentration is down, it’s not due to lack of protein or fat.

of course, being on the V-Diet, i’m not sure any of this is helping you. you might just have to buck up. maybe take some z-12?..not sure if extra fish oil is allowed.

hey - thanks for the feedback - take ZMA to help with sleep and recovery.

havent really updated in a while because i have had nothing to report. ill be weighing in tomorrow morning likely and see how I am doing - hoping to be below 16 stone (224 pounds)

Hi all - quick update.

Weighed in at 16 stone exactly yesterday.

note however that this was only 1 day after my healthy solid meal and so I would expect my real weight to be a pound or so lighter.

Either way thats 14-15 pounds in 3 weeks.

Given that this is my minimum goal reached, and given that I am coming up to a very busy (and social) work period, I have decided to do my first transition week a week early.

I figure it is better to do this than shock my body in a weeks time by attending a range of conferences and weddings at which ill have no hope of eating as clean as necessary.

ill be doing 1 week at 1 meal a day, then 2 weeks at 2 meals a day.

holping to shed another 5 pounds or so over the next 3 weeks doing this.


Hi all

woops forgot to update this for ages!

on transition now. Taking into account the water weight I am putting on again just now, I am still 16 stone, which in real terms probably means 1-2 pounds more loss this week.

my taste preferences are completely reset to factory settings.

all i want is grilled chicken and lamb, and apples!

Ill post pics in 2 weeks!

sorry for no update, everything went smoothly in transition: start and end stats:

1/9/2010	17/10/10

Weight 240 224

caliper - chest 5.7 1
cal - abs 11 7
cal - thigh 15 11

neck 15 14.8
U Chest 43 42
L Chest 43 41.8
Waist 36.5 34
Navel Waist 41 38
L Bicep 15 15.2
Flexed LB 16.2 16
Thigh 27 26.2
calf 16.8 16.2

so 16 pounds - my last weigh in was on a full diet, carbs et al - so that 16 pounds doesnt include water weight.

Pretty happy with that. will post pictures soon.

Now I am needing to lose a final 2 inches off my navel waist to bring it down from 38 to 36.

Given that most of my remaining upper body fat is in the love handle area I would hope that will happen relatively quickly (if at all!).

So I would think I need to get down below 220 pounds minimum.

Any ideas on how to follow up? I am currently in a holding pattern of 2 normal 3x5 strength sessions a week focusing on the big lifts, with 1 cardio session (swimming).


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