Chronic Back Problems and V-Diet

I used to read TMUSCLE way back 5-6 years ago and thru the information found on this site i droped my body weight from 260 pounds down to 196 with 12% body fat.

Sum 4 years ago i got shut out of lifting because of reoccurring back pain and injury’s.
and long story short spiraled out of control and ended back at square one. which as can imagine sucked as i had kept the weight of for years at that point and never felt better in my life.

Which gets me to my question my doc has told me to stay away from lower body lifting per my back issues at least until i get some of the stress off of it “weight” and since the V-Diet does in incorporate much lower body lifts any pointers on a training program.

Since i cant really lower body lift anymore “least till doc says i can” i plan to go with more of an runner/cycling endurance approach but i really would like to do some upper body/core work as well to go along with my cardio since lifting is my true first love of exercise.

TY for any advice

I am wondering this as well.
I have a L5-S1 Degenerative Disc. I can do all of the uppder body satuff, but I will not be doing any of the leg workouts. I just can’t.

Any additionl exercises for those with bad backs?

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