Christmas V Diet - Matt's Log!

Hey guys!

My name is Matt and i’m from the UK. I’ve got all of my supplements now and was intending to start the V Diet in the New Year once the Christmas period is out of the way, but do you know what? Sod it… I’m mad… Over the last year work and life has overtaken my training and i’ve gone up a trouser size and have started to realy notice some unacceptable amounts of bodyfat. So i’m going to start my V Diet on Monday 7th December.

Some may call me crazy and that i’ll give in to the temptations of Christmas, but only time will tell. I’ll post measurements and photo’s on Sunday but i’m around 200lbs and have been in and out of the gym, mainly doing weights for the last 5 or 6 years.

My motivation is to drop down a trouser size so i fit into my size 36 inch trousers again (saves me buy a new wardrobe!) and generally lose some excess weight. I’m also training to be a Special Police officer alongside my desk IT job, so i’m going to need to lean up if i’m going to be chasing after criminals!! :wink:

Any advice and words of encouragement appreciated!

Hey Matt,

inspiring goals, the V-Diet seems like a good test to jumpstart them.

Here are some words on the ‘seasonal temptations’:

"The holiday season is here. It’s the 35+ days each year that people tend to give themselves a pass, blow it off, sleep in, have seconds (and thirds and fourths), eat dessert (plus a la mode), munch on holiday snacks, bake cookies (and eat them in large quantities), drink wine, beer, eggnog (in larger than normal quantities), go to parties on weeknights (and weekends). Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing… it doesn’t have to last 6 weeks… you’ve got a choice! Go ahead, have a day or two that you indulge, relax, drink and eat. Then get back to it… don’t let the next day you think about your health and fitness be January 1st."

found this on:

I will follow your log and keep you accountable along the way, and also provide input if I may have some :smiley:


Hi, thanks for the words of wisdom! I’m going to follow the diet as closely as i can, scheduling my HSM on Christmas day for example. I have no desire to get completely shredded and this is my first extreme diet, so i am expecting lots of outside temptations, but i am determined so will see how it goes!

All i need is some Fibre tablets and i am good to go. Been planning out when i am going to have workouts, take measurements, my HSM etc around work and my personal commitments and i should be ok! Good times…

Good planning is essential, you’re giving yourself a solid start.

The cravings are strong in the beginning, but after 4-5 days they stop.

I wouldn’t really call the velocity diet extreme, it’s more of a very focused shortterm diet. It literally ‘rips the fat off your body’ :smiley:

Well i’ve now got my fibre tablets and fouond myself a way of grinding up the flaxseed, so roll on Sunday when i measure and weigh in… be disgusted with the results… and then crack on with the V Diet!!

Looking forward to the challenge but also a little worried, but only time will tell! :slight_smile:

Report back here often, Matt. It’s a good way for yourself to stay accountable.

Expect the first 4 days to be brutal, after that it gets better. You will really enjoy the HSM :smiley:

I havent yet thought about the HSM for this week, but it will give me something to do next week! I’ll post up measurements etc on Sunday i hope, first day and first workout on Monday.

I’ve got a few work commitments so workouts next week will be Monday, Tuesday and Friday, but i’ll try and keep them evening spaced out when i can. Last week of food… oh what to eat what to eat!! :wink:

Enjoy your last week of solids, you will understand when you started the V-Diet :smiley:

Also, plan out something you really like for the HSM. It’s a great motivator and prevents binging.

Ok… i’ve decided what the heck and i’ve started my V Diet today… i’ve got most of the day off so a weird shift tomorrow, so thought i’d be better placed to start my shakes today. So far breakfast and lunch shakes and done, 3 more to go today! Start my training tomorrow.

I took my measurements and will post those later, safe to say i am PISSED… i knew i had let myself go a little the last year but i’m about 14 punds heavier than when i last weighed myself. I am going to kick some ass on this diet thats for sure!!

From the front…

From the side…


Safe to say i didnt realise how much i had let myself go. At 6ft 1" i’m able to carry a little extra weight but until i got on the scales i didnt realise things were this bad. Right… now to fix it!! Measurements to follow…

I think my goals need to reasonable, but i basically want to lose a couple of inches from my waist and drop at least 10lbs. If i could hit 200 where i was last time i weighed myself, then thats amazing… but for now i am just going to see how the process goes…

So these are my mesaurements:

Height: 6ft 1"
Age: 28
Weight: 220
Neck: 16.5
Shoulders: 49.25
Chest Upper: 44
Chest Lower: 42
Waist at Naval: 42.75
Wasit at largest: 43.5
Hips: 43.75
Upper Arm L: 15
Upper Arm R: 15.25
Upper Leg L: 26
Upper Leg L: 27
Lower Leg L: 16.75
Lower Leg L: 16.75
Ankle L: 9
Ankle R: 9.2
Bodyfat (According to the electronic scales): 30.1 !!!

Not impressed if i am honest, but keen to get cracking and see what i can achieve.

Hi Matt,
Funny…you’re OP could be copy/paste my story (if I’d started a log that is…wich I didn’t…)

Work, life, training…and now fad up with it…sounds familiar? Haha…lol… I started yesterday and having my first workout session tomorrow as well.

I’m not big on posting and blogging etc…but just wanted to wish you well. No luck…luck ‘s got nottin’ to do with it :slight_smile:

Go get 'm big boy! See you on the other side :wink:

Hi naga,

Thanks for the post! I hope yours goes well too! The reason i want to blog about it is to keep myself engaged and embarass myself into action… if i start the log and get any times when i feel i might quit hopefully i can come on here and here some words of encouragement! See you on the otherside indeed! :slight_smile:

Hi Matt!
How are you holding up?

Yes, I do understand the merrit of writing a log…so, right you are! :slight_smile: For me its just an extra hassle… I’m short in time as it is and besides that…I always forget to update… There are a couple of training/diet logs from my hand on the internet, and they all stop after 3 posts…

So I organised my “being accountable” IRL. I really put my self esteem, credebillity and imago on the line on this one… :slight_smile:

What I will do though, is give back to the community… I’ll post my results as wel as my lessons learned here on the forum, as soon as I’m done. Good compromise right?

Today, first workday for us…so keep strong!

Congratulations on starting this, Matt. Keep on posting regularly, and stay at it. Be prepared that the next few days will be brutal. It gets better afterwards, so keep going :smiley:

Hey naga / hx90…

Have to say yesterday (day 1 ) went ok. I started to feel a bit odd late in the evening and the last shake of the day was a bit of a struggle. I REALLY hate the taste of nuts so the nut butter didnt make the last shake very nice… but i battled through. I will admit at one point i thought about modifying the diet to the V-Diet Lite so i could have at least 1 HSM a day… i’ve never done well without food in my stomach! However i cant quit on day 1… so Day 2 is here!

Feel ok this morning, not great, but not so awful i want to quit. Will be interesting to see how the first workout goes today. Will try and keep myself busy!

For my NEPA yesterday i went for a 50 minute walk, nice to get some fresh air!

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