Christian's V-Diet Log

Hey Everyone,

My name is Christian, I’m an ex-college athlete who has enjoyed to work out a decent portion of my life. In college I played baseball and sat around 200 lbs with sub-10% BF at times. I worked out a lot due to the sport and stayed really healthy.

After college, I moved to a third world county where I contracted multiple tropical diseases and was really sick. I came back in summer of 2015 at 167 lbs, which I lost the majority of in my first month in Central America. After which, I worked manual labor and stopped working out, since I would spend 10-12 hours a day in the Texas sun digging irrigation ditches.

Fast forward to now: I’m a software engineer, and I sit on my butt all day. I do work out, but not as often as I should, and I am a typical “see food” dieter. I eat what I see in front of me and I haven’t ate the greatest. I’ve stuck around 190 lbs now with around 13% BF. While this isn’t terrible, it isn’t where I want to be and I am dissatisfied with that. After getting motivated this summer and getting my strength levels back up, I jumped on the Texas Method for awhile before I hurt my back in a non-lifting incident, and had trouble walking.

My wife, on the other hand, she has had some health issues that we haven’t been able to figure out. A lot of it may in fact be diet related. She has seen doctors, been diagnosed with IBS and Candida, and we’ve done diets like FODMAPS, Gluten / Dairy free diets, and “attempted” to carb-cycle. She is not so great about sticking to diets and really doesn’t like to work out even though she knows it is something that she needs to do.

I first read about the V-Diet in Never Let Go by Dan John and I have avoided it simply because I, in the past, have tried to stick to a consistent yet healthy diet. I’ve obviously failed recently at that. My wife knew that I knew some diets and I mentioned V-Diet when the Doctor told her to carb cycle about 3 months back. We finally got to the point where we decided to do it.

Here are my stats:

Neck Chest Shoulder Belly Button Hips Left Thigh Right Thigh Left Calf Right Calf Left Bicep Right Bicep Left Forearm Right Forearm Weight
Day 0 16 40 49 35.5 41.5 23.5 23.75 16.5 17 12.75 13 12.5 12.5 189.2

Here are my wife’s stats:

Neck Chest Shoulder Belly Button Hips Left Thigh Right Thigh Left Calf Right Calf Left Bicep Right Bicep Left Forearm Right Forearm Weight
Day 0 14.25 38.75 43.75 37.25 43.5 23.5 23.75 16 16 11.75 11.75 10 10 170

I am 6’ tall, she is 5’ 7". We’re doing this to see how well this resets our bad eating habits, to lean out, and then to also see how she deals with the whole low-carb thing.

We took pictures, which I will post later (of me only) and I’ll try and keep this updated as much as possible. My one question for those who have done V-Diet before:
My wife gets nauseous / bad indigestion when drinking the protein shakes. Ideas on how to make these a little more doable for her? She says the taste is too sweet and this has caused her to skip the bedtime shake twice in 5 days so far, so I want to try and find a way to make these better for her.

The good news about doing this together is that it is much harder to fail, especially when you shell out $800 for two people to do the diet for this month!

The drinks are a bit sweet for me as well. The vanilla with superfood tastes like Crunch Berry cereal milk. Which is amazing once in awhile but now I feel like I’m drinking it several times a day lol. There are some recipies on the forum for the Metabolic Drive protein. You might want to look at those and experiment with flavors. I’ve found the Davinci makes a sugar free flavored syrup in Hazelnut, and many others. I’m going to be trying those with the vanilla to see if I can tone it down a little. Adding extra water can help a bit too. as for the expense…I don’t mind really since I don’t have to spend anywhere near the amount I was previously spending on food. It evens it self out I think.
Good luck!

How is your wife doing with the shakes??

With regard to the nausea with shakes, I encountered the same thing. A few things helped, such as buying pickled ginger and eating a tiny slice as a treat/palate cleanser after the shake, having a baby altoid mint, or just drinking water right after to help wash the taste out. After a week or so I didn’t have to do this anymore, as I got used to the taste. I also found that rotating flavors helped so you didn’t get too bored.

Sorry for the late response. I always think I will update my social stuff, but it doesn’t end up happening.

For the guys wondering, my wife struggled with the shakes the entire time. She isn’t that great at drinking them fast, so she actually added less water and had water to wash them down too (or black coffee or tea).

I actually got pretty used to them. So used to them that today is day 29 and my breakfast is a shake.

The good news is, the diet DEFINITELY worked. Here are the difference in stats for my wife and I:


While we didn’t lose as much weight as we thought (or that my wife had hoped), we leaned out a ton. I’ve definitely dropped my body fat % down to 10% or so (I’m guessing?). My wife is visibly much leaner. People have commented. It is nice. I’m including pictures of myself for reference (sorry, decided not to add the pictures of my wife in her undergarments)
Each picture is a different part of the diet, Beginning, middle, end, though the end photo was taken on Sunday and we have continued to diet down until today:

After it all, my cravings and her cravings are reset. We don’t desire the crap nearly as much. I’m pretty pumped to keep eating healthy. We are going to slowly reintroduce things into our diets. This week the meals will pretty much stay the same, just moving away from 4 shakes a day and more meals. Next week we try hard cheeses (not full fledged milk). The week after that, legumes, and then gluten. As I said, my wife has stomach issues, and going on this diet helped those issues go away (probably a 75% reduction) so we think that she is allergic to something. Hopefully we can find out what as we re-introduce foods. I believe that she is probably gluten intolerant and has issues with sugary carbs (her doc has even suggested so).

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Good job man.

Great progress for you man!

Both of your stats show leaning out nicely.

I didn’t lose as much scale weight as I thought I would either but we’re both smaller guys so just changing body comp make a huge difference.

Guys/Gals that start at higher BF% and higher scale weights tend to have a bigger sheer number drop in weight (at least that’s what I’ve seen)

Anyway, good job and congrats!

Dude…5” off her waist and 4 off of yours. That scale can suck it. I’d say you are right about 10-11% you can see the lines of the abdominal wall. Great job, both of you!

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