Christian Thibaudeau Log 3


I’ll analyze both of you (Moose, MV) videos this afternoon


Okey, thats fine coach


I’ll get to it today. Crazy week-end


Hi coach, no one has posted here in a while. Any new tips n tricks!


Well I do have my forum on the T-nation forums page. So the training stuff is there. I come here mostly to field questions specifically about Biotest products


late to the party - wow I didn’t realize how long it takes to become a police officer in Quebec. I think crossfit attracts a lot of firemen / police not only for the physical aspect but the mental aspect as well, particularly for police. Nothing like intense conditioning to work out the stress and reset your brain.

And yes, midnights are truly awful. I sleep 8 AM to 4 PM, it blows. Nothing like a little downtown traffic with the sun coming up before you sleep. :slight_smile:


Happy Easter CT!


Hey CT,

For heavy hang clean work for reps, what strategy do you recommend for grip? Right now I’ve been dropping the bar from the front rack, catching it with hands and thighs, resetting hook grip and pulling. This is starting to feel very strenuous as the weights get heavier. What is your opinion on straps for this situation? I’m trying to figure out a strategy that doesn’t involve dropping it to the ground and picking it up again to start the hang clean - also very strenuous.



hi thib, how do you recommend to increase work capacity for crossfit??