Christian Thibaudeau Log 3


thank you for answering, interesting to hear how you work with them !



That jerk by PL looks like a perfect example of what I need to change in my jerk technique. Instead of pressing the bar up he’s really pressing himself hard under the bar. Very impressive weight for a guy who doesn’t look like a very large individual. I completed the 4 jerk drills you detailed a few posts back. Definitely something I plan on warming up with very frequently.

Also, Sounds like all so many of the guys you work with are police, or hope to become police. This is very motivating for me as I’ve become a police officer myself just in the past 6 months. I work night shifts. 7pm to 7am. So energy motivation and focus during training can be very difficult to maintain. If your guys can maintain the level they do then why can’t I? Great stuff. Thank you very much.


Yes Crossfit seems to attract a lot of police/firemen/military people.

Other examples that /I worked with…

Amelie Gagnon (3x Regional athlete as individual) is a police officer

Stephanie Roy (2x Games competitor “team”) is a police officer (pretty highly raked too)

Milaine Bouchard (Regional athlete “team”) is a fireman

You have to be smarter with your training but it can be done.

Pierre-Luc is actually a big guy (by crossfit standards). But since he is 6’2" and has long arms/legs he looks slander. In that video he is a lean 225.


Hey coach. Can u please look at this snatch from this morning and tell me what you see? Thank you very much


Start position is good. At the knees the weight is too much on the front of your feet and the knees have not moved back enough.

This result in the biggest mistake in picture 3: your weight has shifted to the toes to early and the knees have travelled way too much forward. This puts your in a very weak position. Look at position 3 is that a position that looks powerful to you? Your knees should not have travelled much if any forward and at the point your weight should still be on your heels.

The extension (picture 4) isn’t bad, might use a bit more quads extension but that’s a detail.

Catch position is fine; I’d push the knees out a bit more,

The only issue really is not keep your weight on your heels long enough and having the knees travel forward too much.


Compare that to Mohammed Ehab: look at the shin position in picture no.2 and how little the knees have moved forward in picture no.3.


Wow thanks CT! You’re right, that position looks like it’s lacking any power. I’ll start working on it right away. Thank you


Hello CT,
Two short exercise questions:
1.) do you like Bulgarian split squats or lunges or a similar exercise in the smith machine ? ( hypertrophy in the legs as goal)
2.) an exercise I saw today in the gym:
You perform a “kneeling squat” in the smith machine. You sit with your knees on the ground (your “calves” are behind you on the ground) and than you perform a “squat”.

Do you like this exercise and especially in the smith machine?

Thanks in advance,
Your new article was very interesting to read.


Have you seen any of these in any of my programs, articles or forum posts? No. Then I guess I don’t like them. If I did they would have been mentioned in some of my stuff.

I don’t hate the Bulgarian split squat even though it never has a huge place in my programs. But I feel that you lose some of the benefits from using it in the Smith machine.

The kneeling squat is too dangerous for the knees for the possible benefits it might give you.

What’s wrong with the more traditional and proven exercises?


Thank you for answering.
understood, right I haven’t seen them in any of your programs, but you also don’t use kroc rows : P nothing wrong with traditional exercises, I just saw a girl using this exercises in the gym and wanted to get your opinion : )


No. I don’t like them.

A lot of good lifters have their own favorite assistance lifts. And since they are good lifters a lot of people on the internet automatically confer them immediate “bad ass exercise” status.

What are Kroc rows really? Very heavy DB rows done for high reps. The weight being too heavy to do the strict version of the movement, especially for so many reps so you have to use momentum and a shorter range of motion to be able to do them. Might be good for grip strength but I don’t see how it will be effective to build the back UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE AN AMAZING MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION WITH THE BACK.

People too easily get “seduced” by exercises used by some genetic freaks/top lifters.

I’m not saying that what they are doing is not good. But before adopting an exercise you should analyze it OBJECTIVELY both in theory then in practice and the process of evaluation should be no different for a “big name exercise” as for any other exercise.


Hello CT,

After 5 months of westside, i have increased my bench by 10 kg and my deadlift by 15 kg. However I am not happy with this style of training anymore. Mainly because my knowledge is too limited to use it really efficient on me. : (
Especially failing on ME days to break an old personal record/best disappoints me and gives me a really bad workout.

My main goals are a big bench, a big deadlift, but also being in general strong, and having the “power look”.

I would have thought of this training program, i really like the frequency and the philosophy behind it!

How could I modify it to include the deadlift as one of the main movements ? I already feel I can’t just substitute the chest supported rows :stuck_out_tongue:

Or would you use an different approach?

Sorry for asking so much, but thanks in advance CT !: )


I did today the first workout with overhead and bench and it was really nice. With this style of training, I don’t feel exhausted after the workout, it’s quite the opposite, I feel stronger. But maybe this will change over the weeks.

To my deadlift replacement question:
Maybe the first possible option is to use the deadlift as an assistance exercise, however not for 3 sets of 6-10 reps. Instead use 70-85% for sub maximal reps for sets like 5*3 with 70% twice or 3 times per week ? In this case the chest supported row would be still the main movement.

Or one would replace the chest supported rows with deadlifts, however not for 35 with 75% and not with the normal rep progression (normal, slow eccentric, pauses eccentric, pauses concentric). Maybe 53 with lower percentages ?

Or Maybe something like in “deadlift : friend or foe?”


Hey CT,

How would you go about trying to improve two unrelated lifts (bench and squat for me) at the same time. I’m looking to put everything I’ve got into these two lifts for about 6 weeks trying to improve them as much as possible and was wondering how you would go about programming something like that.

Thanks CT!


You could try doing only the “specific training phase 2” but do it twice in a row. The key is doing the lifts often bu managing intensity to avoid burning the CNS


That looks great CT, thanks for the quick reply!


@Akidara CT answered about using Deadlift on this thread
I’ve already done Fixed Weight progression for 12 weeks and I recommend you try it as written.
I used the deadlift as an accessory exercise after Military Press and Chinese Rows, I did RDL for 3 x8-10 3 times a weeks.
This program gets really hard on the weeks with pauses if you try your best to hit 5 reps on each set. I found it specially hard on eccentric pauses. I guess that by the time I did concentric pauses I was already dominating the weight.
After 12 weeks I only tested Front Squat which increased 10kg. I’m pretty sure I got stronger on other lifts because after 12 weeks on this training you are going to be doing concentric pauses for 5 reps with 85% of you previous 1RM.
My original goal was to do this training for 24 weeks but I decided to stop after 12 weeks because I was feeling mentally drained. I blame it on getting too psyched to do 5 reps on eccentric/concentric pauses. So I’ve been doing a bodybuilding routine for the last 3 weeks and definitely will try this program in the future.


Thank you for responding, writing your experience with the program and for the link to the thread. You did front squats instead of back squats , I suppose?
Even if your 1 RM is the same after 12 weeks of this program , I would assume that after 2-3 weeks of heavy singles your 1 RM should be 5-15% higher!
Well I have finished now week 1 and I really like it ! I am already looking forward to the concentric pauses haha, but I guess it’s normal to drop 1-2 reps with 3 pauses on the concentric (so instead of 5 reps , you only get 3 or 4) but we will see.



Good evening coach,

Still hammering away at the snatch. Trying to get my knees out of the way and stay away from going on my toes too early. Here is a double from training a few days ago. If you could please tell me what u see its be greatly appreciate. Thanks again CT!!


Hi CT, can you give me some tips/correcions with my snatch technique?? 75kg and 80(fail)