Christian Thibaudeau Log 3


Great thank you.


Hi CT,
does the hspu template work for other exercises? eg pull ups, muscle ups


Yes, any body weight exercises…the muscle-up is a bit trickier since it’s a highly technical movement, so you might want to reduce the reps by 1 or 2 per set


From this morning… Jason hitting an easy 270. Peaking is in 3 weeks, shooting for 285. But the 270 is still a 25lbs improvement in 5 weeks.


25lbs at that weight in 5 weeks is crazy progress. What kind or progression are you using? Complexes? How many times snatching weekly?


…and then he hit an easy 365 clean and jerk… cleaned 380 but didn’t jerk it.

Before our current training block his all-time best clean and jerk was 325 and his best clean was 335


In the morning he does a full Olympic lifting workout then does his WODs in the PM. Here is the Olympic lifting program I am using with him an many others:


Wow. @Christian_Thibaudeau that’s great. Thank you very much. Tons of info in there.


CT - Is there a release date or anything for your new book? I haven’t seen it mentioned in many months since you announced it was in the works, just looking forward to it. Thank you.


No.Its being edited right now but I don’t have an ETA


Hello CT,

Could you please say if I understood it correctly:

We have two kind of adaptions
1.) neural
2.) muscular

If I use methods like max effort, dynamic effort, building strength with 80% (like in the preplin chart, or sub maximal weights (like sheiko) I try to get a neural adaption. When I rotate often exercises I also try to get a neural adaptions.

If I use the repetition method, or typical bodybuilding training with drop sets, assisted reps and partial reps, constant tension I want to get muscular adaptions. In this case I don’t change the exercises. I rather make modification or change rep ranges and methods (like rest pause).

What’s with approaches like double progression? That seems to be neural and muscular ?


With double progression it depends on the load and sets/reps selected. You can use the double progression method with sets of 2-3 reps and the adaptations will mostly be neural. 4-6 it will probably be equal, 7-10 will be more muscular then neural and more than 10 will have very little neural adaptations.


Oh thanks CT, now I understand !


CT - Sorry but I couldn’t post this in the new layer system thread under your coaching forum. Your tweet mentioned the layers being probably your program that brings the fastest gains. Were you talking about strength or hypertrophy gains (primarily)?

My goal is hypertrophy, preferably using moderate loads, but it is hard to decide which of your approaches to utilize since you’ve shared so many (layers, double stimulation, spec approaches, to name a few) and then remain focused and commited without becoming distracted by new methods that look really promising.

Can you provide any help in prioritizing mass gaining approaches? Thanks for all that you share.


I’m talking both about size and strength. Not in a bodybuilding way but more in a “build as much overall mass as possible” way. It’s hard to explain. It wont give you a “bodybuilder look” but it will put A LOT of mass on you. I know that you can only make a muscle bigger or smaller, not alter his shape, but the physique look I get from the layer is different then when I do more typical bodybuilding work.


Hi Thib, im using the Pavel Tsatsouline 5rm Fighter Pull Up Program… 5 days ON 1 OFF… you think I can use it also for hspu? Pull up + hspu in same days??


Thanks for clarifying, I think I get it. I’m doing a 6 week phase using 4-6 and 6-8 rep brackets for the main workouts, plus light pump work according to your double stimulation article. Would the layers be an appropriate next phase while I’m still in a caloric surplus a while longer?


Ask Pavel :wink:

Seriously though I don’t like to answer questions about other people’s programs. I don’t know what they had in mind when they designed it and I don’t like to change other people’s work.


Sure. It’s a pretty solid change in direction and should provide for rapid progress.


Thib do you think that i can use your strict hspu program for 2 or 3 bodyweight excercices in a same day… For example hspu, pull ups and ring dips in a same training day?? Thx