Christian Thibaudeau Log 3


Here is a video from today. Judith a Crossfit athlete I work with (Regional Team level) with a new personal best of 175lbs in the snatch. Unexpected because this was the last set of a 1/6 contrast:

Set 1: 1 rep heavy snatch
Set 2: 6 reps touch and go snatches with 70-75%
Set 3: 1 rep heavy snatch
Set 4: 6 reps touch and go snatches with 70-75%
Set 5: 1 rep heavy snatch
Set 6: 6 reps touch and go snatches with 70-75%

And prior to that she did 4 work set of 2 different complexes:

Snatch press in squat + Snatch press standing + Drop snatch

Power snatch hang + Power snatch + Overhead squat + Snatch



Wow, that’s a great looking snatch. Strong woman.

I’ll be working on that turnover and those muscle snatches. Thanks once again!!!


Hey coach was wondering if you could help. Been sick for a few weeks and haven’t been able to train and just found out footy preseason training starts on the 18th any tip or advice to get my conditioning back up fast so I am not to far behide thanks


Hi CT, can you help me or give me aome advice with Strict dips progression?? Im using the 30total reps in AMSAP for strict pull ups, do you think its a good approach for dips or maybe a double progression?? Its for crossfit…


Here is another athlete I work with, Jessica Cote-Beaudoin hitting a 215lbs drop snatch (that was in her second workout of the day, we did a clean progression in the morning):


The double progression is better suited for loaded movements or movements you train for strength in sets of 3-6 reps. It still works with dips but don’t use it until you can get 3-6 strict reps with about 25lbs around your waist.


Whats up CT!
For the past two weeks I have been going back reading your articles and forum posts on “mechanical training,” “growth factor w/o” and “maximum clusters”.

I’ve tried few of the examples you have posted on the forums including the growth factors for back, shoulders, and legs. Is there a 6 or 7 day template you would recommend for someone oriented towards bodybuilding and gaining size that utilizes growth factor training and maximum clusters for the chest, back, legs, and shoulders?

Lately I’ve just been rotating chest,back, and legs, starting my w/o with a heavy compound lift for one body part followed by hypertrophy work (mechanical sets) for the body part worked the previous day. (As you recommended in Log 1)

For example:

Deadlifts 5 x 5 (70-80% workload) or Deadlift max clusters (80-90% workload) with some early eccentric reps for mTOR followed by GF Chest.

Squat 5 x 5 (70%-85% workload) or Squat max clusters (80%-90% workload) with early eccentric mTOR reps followed by GF Back.

A template and some advice would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s one thing that has always been hard to understand for me: people taking their day off of training during the weekends. People with “normal” jobs tend to work during the week days (Mon-Fri). And are off from work on the weekends. Aren’t the days you are NOT working 8 hours likely to be MORE productive then the days you work? I mean you will build more fatigue during the work days, will be strapped for time and have a suboptimal schedule. The weekend days are perfect to train.


Could be something like:

DAY 1: Push (shoulders/chest/triceps) max growth clusters
DAY 2: Legs max growth clusters
DAY 3: Pull max growth clusters
DAY 4: Push growth factor (2 GF supersets for the 3 main push body parts)
DAY 5: Legs growth factor
DAY 6: Pull growth factor (2 GF supersets for vertical pull,horizontal pull,biceps)

DAY 1: Shoulders (1 max growth cluster exercise + 3 growth factor SS)
DAY 2: Back (1 max growth cluster exercise + 3 growth factor SS)
DAY 3: Quads (1 max growth cluster exercise + 2 growth factor SS)
DAY 4: Chest (1 max growth cluster exercise + 3 growth factor SS)
DAY 5: Hamstrings (1 max growth cluster exercise + 2 growth factor SS)
DAY 6: Arms (1 max growth cluster exercise and 1-2 growth factor SS for biceps and triceps)


Thanks a ton CT!

What lifts would you recommended for each of the max clusters in option 2?

Also, how long do you think I should run this program for optimal results?


CT, i really like the short tip articles, especially the one about ab training.


Really it depends on your goals and experience with what big lifts work best for you.

I don’t really like max growth clusters with squat and deadlift variations as it almost becomes a metabolic exercise, not a muscle-building one. One set of max growth clusters on squats will leave the nervous system drained.

Bench press, incline bench, military press, chest-supported barbell row, close-grip bench press, dips, preacher curls, leg press, hack squat all seem to work well with this technique,



I remember in the Max Cluster article that you mentioned the technique could be used with pretty much any exercise.

Squats and Dead clusters leaving the nervous system drained is definitely confirmed by my experiments in the pass. Although I was looking to incorporate the Smith Machine Squat on the quad day as a way to overload the quads specifically.

Love the leg press, but unfortunately my gym doesn’t have a Hack Squat machine. Any other exercise recommendations for the lower half (Quads, Posterior) with the cluster technique?

Thanks again CT!


Hi thib, can you recommend to me a progression for Strict ring dips/ hspu… For strict pull ups im following the 30 total reps, if i do it in 5 sets, jump to 40reps…

Bui dont know which progression follow with strict ring dips and hspu. Thx


This is the strict handstand program I used with Alex Vigneault. It took him from doing 13 strict HSPU to doing 21 from a large deficit (a pair of 45lbs bumpers per side).

FIRST establish your maximum number of unbroken strict HSPU … let’s say it’s 10. ( I wouldn’t use this program if you can’t do at least 10 strict HSPU)

DAY 1: 4 sets of -4 of max HSPU (so 6 in our example)
DAY 2: 4 sets of -3 of max HSPU (so 7 in our example)
DAY 3: 3 sets of -2 of max HSPU (so 8 in our example)
DAY 4: 2 sets of -1 of max HSPU (so 9 in our example)
DAY 5: Do 2x the number of max HSPU (so 20 in our example) in as little time as possible
DAY 6: NO HSPU or upper body work
DAY 7: Test max HSPU

You then start the progression over with the new max number. You perform this schedule until you have doubled your max HSPU (so in our example when you can do 20 unbroken reps).

When you doubled your max, you start the same progressing from a moderate deficit (a 25lbs bumper). Again establish a max from that position and when you can double it, move on to a larger deficit (a 45lbs bumper), etc.

Note that while this progressing is super effective you still need to get your pressing strength higher through the use of military presses or other such lifts.

You should also do the HSPU at the beginning of your session so that fatigue doesn’t play a huge role.


Hello CT, short question about the double progression. Can you please give any guidelines for how many sets you should use ? For example rep range 6-8 , you could do only 1 set or 2,3,4,5 or even more. I could imagine that advance people and beginner need less sets, intermediate maybe the most sets? Or maybe it depends if you are more strength or hypertrophy oriented?

Thanks in advance :blush:


You can’t do 1 or 2 sets with the double progression system. 3 would be the minimum. The higher the reps/set the lower the sets. With 6-8 I would use 3 or 4 sets.


Okay thank you CT!


@CT- I’m on the 3rd day of your hspu template that u posted a few days ago. I was supposed to do 3 sets for 10 reps. I got all 10 the first 2 sets but set 3 I only got 9. What would you suggest I do for tomorrow? I’m supposed to do 2x11

Thank you


If you can’t do it unbroken, do it as a rest/pause taking 10 seconds then completing the set.