Chris's Velocity Diet Log

Began the Velocity Diet today. Will post my measurements tomorrow morning.

Before pictures are here:

Here’s when I plan to drink each shake:


Good luck! Keep us posted. I plan on starting May 4th. Can’t view before pictures for some reason. Try posting it in the log if you can. Later!

My before pictures:


Day 3 of the Velocity Diet. Man, who would’ve thought drinking protein shakes all day would be so hard! After two days of strawberry milkshakes, I almost gagged on that last one. I’m so glad I ordered multiple flavors. Today was banana. Tomorrow is Saturday, and my first HSM. I’m so looking for to it.

only problem I have is the breakfast and dinner ones (flax seed) the texture is what gets me.

My first HSM is tomorrow at my step sister’s wedding

Usually those with your pattern of fat distribution have very positive changes in belly measurements. Did you take tape measurements?

Keep us updated!

Thanks guys!

For my first HSM, I had a steak with sauteed brocolli, carrots and grilled potatoes.
Delicious. I can really see how this diet will change your eating preferences.

I actually like the texture and flavor from the flax seed. It’s the flavoring to the protein that gets me (esp. strawberry and vanilla, for some reason. Chocolate and banana are less objectionable.)

I failed to get body measurements immediately before the start of the diet, but my measurements didn’t significantly differ from these taken a few weeks before:

My weight this morning was 201.7.

My measurements:

Note that I didn’t measure myself immediately before the diet, but my weight was not significantly different.

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