Chris' V-Diet Log

Just placed my order today. Three years ago I was 220 (5’9"), 30%+ body fat. Have been doing Crossfit and 75% paleo type eating. I was down to 170 and around 20% body fat in May of this year before a major knee injury. Partially torn ACL, MCL and two fractures (tibial plateau, fibular avulsion). Fortunately did not have to have surgery but was on crutches for four months and several months since of low activity after crutches while continuing to heal.

I am now back to about 90% with my knee and doctor has cleared me for most activities. I have gained weight while not able to be as active, back up to around 185.

Fortunately my Crossfit box is not one where we just do met-cons all of the time. They emphasize strength training with HIIT thrown in along with, not in lieu of.

I will post the ‘official’ day 1 measurements/stats once my supplements arrive and I officially begin the program. Excited and nervous but looking forward to driving off this stubborn belly fat that has been my nemesis for years.

Got my packages today. Will start the program tomorrow.

Good luck, bro. I plan to start crossfit next week

Good luck with the Crossfit, will be curious to know your thoughts after you have been doing it for awhile.

My beginning stats:
Age: 40
Weight: 186.2
Height: 69.5"
Neck: 16"
Chest: 41.75"
Waist (largest): 38.75"
Hips: 39.25"
L Bicep: 11.5"
R Bicep: 12"
L Thigh: 22.75
R Thigh: 23"
L Calf: 15"
R Calf: 15"

Beginning Pics

One week weight: 179.0

Was in a hurry to get out of the house this morning but quick waist measurements was 38.0".

Week 2 weight is 178.2. Waist measurement is 37.75"

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