Chris Shugart's V-Diet Training?

Chris, I remember reading somewhere that you trained 6 days a week. I follow your V-Diet exercise prescription because it’s worked in the past, and why mess with a winning formula?!? Well, with the addition/change to Plazma and the daily hsm, I find myself craving some more volume, especially on Monday… What could I add without derailing the program, but add just a little more to the program?

Just to clarify, I’m on week 3 of a planned 8 week stint. Reasonably tracking my target (~ 3-4 lbs/week) but just want to be ready for a change up on week 5-8. I plan on modifying the lifts to be slightly different for some variation but thought I’d get your take. Thank you for your help.

Well, I typically train 6 days a week when NOT on the V-Diet. But I do think the new V-Diet plan lends itself to some extra work if you crave it. Better workout nutrition (Plazma) and the HSM daily opens that door a little more.

What I would do myself is add in a couple of days of carries on what would normally be an off day. Nothing too crazy, just farmers walks, overhead carries, goblet carries etc. A good 20 minute session.

Also, the off days on the V-Diet would be a great time to add in “practice” work, like learning a new lift. These would not be workouts really, but a session where you learn a new lift you’ve been wanting to try, like a muscle snatch for example. These sessions would still get you moving, tax you a little and satisfy your desire to do a little more volume. But you shouldn’t leave the gym gassed.

These types of mini-workouts could be added to training days too. Just finish up with some carries or by practicing something new. I’d rather see you do this than messing too much with Waterbury’s V-Diet training plan since it’s built to be progressed in a specific way.

But if the desire is there then you can very likely handle it. The desire to train is the first thing to go when output doesn’t match input and things get pushed too far when dieting.

Thanks Chris! Ironically I had been reading over CT’s most recent weighted carry article a few days ago. Love the new diet, Chris. Thanks for all of your support!

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