Chris, How Often Do You Run?


You’ve mentioned a time or two that you and your wife run a couple of 5Ks every year. Do you throw in some running in preparation, do you just do it cold, or do you run a little bit all year?

Just curious. I was noticing today that in many ways, the hardest part of my workout on my energy system isn’t the squats or hang cleans, but is the wood choppers (high to low twisting cable pulls). My take away from that was a thought related to the specificity of training. Namely, that I’ve been doing squats and deadlifts and power cleans etc. for years, but only recently started doing any core/ab work.


I run sporadically, and never over 5k distance (3.1 miles), a little more in the summer, a little less in the winter. I have no plan for it really, and seldom train for a 5K. I just show up, watch my wife beat me by several minutes, and enjoy the run.

With a mix of StairMill, sled work, sprints, circuits and the various oddball things I do on my “do-something” days (off days from traditional weight training) I find I never really “lose my wind” as they say. I’m no endurance athlete, but I can perform well in various activities without losing my breath. Doc said I have the heart health of a 20-year old track and field athlete, so I guess I’m doing something right!