Choose One Flavor or Pick a Variation


Hey Chris,

I’ve been thinking about doing the V-Diet for a while now and finally decided to commit to it. I was just wondering, would you suggest ordering one solid flavor or mixing it up with a variation for the program. Also which flavors do you recommend?



Vanilla and Chocolate are the best and most versatile in my opinion.

It’s really what you like. You can use davinci sugar free syrups to change up the flavors which makes it much easier.

I would pick at least 2 for variety sake. Then add davinci sugar free syrups for extra change. Just remember you want a sugar free, sugar alcohol free flavoring.

I also would not rely on the sugar free flavoring too heavily or often. Just to help facilitate the palette change.


Corst nailed it.

Vanilla is the most versatile and everyone likes it. Chocolate is next. Banana and strawberry are good for variety. I suggest mostly vanilla and choc, then maybe 1 each of the other two.


My wife would say “all banana” though. So everyone is different.


I went with all chocolate flavoring and kind of regret it now. I do love the taste, but combinations like chocolate and vanilla, chocolate and banana do sound really good right now. lol


For me it really didn’t matter the flavor. I didn’t drink the shakes for the flavor it was all about a means to an end. Some people like to add sugar-free flavored syrups to the shakes to be more satisfying while others (like me) really just pound down the shakes and go about their day. It’s food rehab after all, so I think that there is something to be said for getting away from delicious flavors for 28 days, to aid in getting rid of the food cravings. But if the choice is deviate from the diet or use some flavorings, then by all means, use the flavorings.

By the way, I still use MD, and I like all flavors. They are all good.


I got mostly vanilla, but I wished I had gotten more banana. It with peanut butter for the bedtime meal is absolutely wonderful. I don’t do the peanut butter all the time since I know it’s not a true nut butter, but man that stuff is good.


Short answer–it doesn’t matter. These shakes are really quite digusting and all taste generally the same. Also, as someone else noted, the point of this diet is to recalibrate your tastes, etc., so 4-6 weeks of nothing but vile, near-vomit-inducing shakes actually helps accomplish the goal.

To give a little background, I’m currently in week 2 of my second V-Diet (which I first did 1 year ago exactly). As much as I hate the shakes, I am a huge fan of the program. My first go around I dropped from 218-202 lbs and about 6 percentage points of body fat (to around 12%). Further, the change in cravings is really true. I never used to like plain (i.e., un-enhanced) veggies, and a lot of other “whole” foods, etc. Now I crave them and scarf them down when they’re put in front of me. In one year, I’ve kept off most of the weight (basically leveled off at 205) and have for the most part maintained a healthy diet.

That said, V-Diet 1 did not get me to my ultimate goal (which I think is another 10 pounds or so and more lean), so I’m in for round two. I have to admit that it’s a lot harder now (and having learned from last time, simply doing all chocolate now–vanilla was borderline inedible, and I was too scared to try banana), especially that I’ve since married and have someone else living with me, which prevents me from keeping an empty fridge like last time. What I can say, however, is that the only way to do this program is 100% all in. Little cheats here and there will kill you (and make you hate the shakes more), and I can’t imagine doing this hellish program 95% of the way (which still involves a lot of culinary pain) and therefore not get 100% of the beneift.


I went with two of each with an extra vanilla. I keep a Chocolate and Strawberry at work, and I’ll usually have Vanilla and Banana at home. I’ll probably switch to Vanilla Strawberry at Home and Chocolate Banana at Work once these 4 tubs are done.


I’m only a few days in, but doing fine and part of feeling OK about it so far is the flavor variety, and figuring out that the banana-flavored Metabolic Drive is actually good. I like bananas, but usually don’t like banana-flavored stuff, but this stuff is pretty good. I got two bottles, but wish I’d gotten more. It’s good on its own and is good mixed with the strawberry or the chocolate. The blended shakes, especially blended with ice, are more satisfying than the shaker-bottle shakes. I’m only able to do blended ones for my 4th and 5th ones. 4th is like dinner, so I put the nut butter in that one and blend it with ice. The fifth one is for bedtime and I go ahead and blend it with ice and stick it in the freezer for an hour or so, then pull it out and let it slowly thaw some, and that’s an even different texture than the regular ice-blended shake.

It probably all works out in the end if you aren’t precise with scoop measurements, but I’ve found it much easier to get exactly the right amount of powder in the shakes using a digital food scale that measures in grams. I just put the shaker bottle on the scale and measure out my powder into the shaker bottle. I already had the scale to measure coffee beans for single-cup brewing (I’m nuts about it, but it’s the way to make consistently perfect coffee - which, by the way, I miss now that I’m taking the HOT-ROX).

And for the nut butter, I’ve found that the stuff you can grind yourself at Whole Foods or Earth Fare works best - it doesn’t separate like the stuff in jars does, plus it’s cheaper and you can get a big-ass plastic tub of it.

I’m also using Greens+ in the morning. That’s what I take my HOT-ROX with at 7AM, then I drive to the gym and start sipping Surge about 7:25 to get ready for my 7:40 warmup for my 7:45 V-Diet workout with my trainer. Seems to be working. Some other weight loss stacks I’ve tried made me really edgy or nauseated. HOT-ROX just gives a nice boost, but not too crazy, but it also seems to last a long time. I totally killed a boxing / kickboxing workout yesterday 90 minutes after a HOT-ROX dose had me good and jacked up (and am gonna skip the Challenge).