Chocolate Cake

Here it is then. I won’t claim that I came up with the recipe, but THIS IS VERY TASTY Chocolate Cake

By using the beans it really lowers the calorie content of the cake. Potential options include going ‘half and half’ with coconut/almond flour.

Interesting. I’ve never tried the bean thing. Here’s my take on chocolate cake:

Wow, that looks awesome. I’ll have to try Chris’s cake recipe with the chocolate frosting from the link.

WOW! I made the black bean cake last night. It tastes exactly like the real thing. Unfreakinbelievable! I used honey because I didn’t have the other sweeteners. Only half a cup, so not that bad. I used Chris’s cream cheese frosting too, but added cocoa to it. This is a keeper!

Tried the bean one. Fantastic flavour and consistency. Still black beans though… don’t eat this on a date XD

I found the cream cheese frosting to be very runny. I layered the cake and it was very difficult at first to keep the cake together with it. after a few hours of refridgeration It seemed better, but still not perfect. Further experimentaion is required. But AMAZING flavour. I used Xylitol for mine :wink:

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