i dont see the pics of the chips i posted last nite. did u ever see them?

No, sure didn’t. If you’re looking for an evaluation on them, tell me the brand and I’ll look up the ingredients and let you know what I think.

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These are pretty packaged crap Dom. You can find much better, less junk filled, products. Crappy oils, questionable carbs, SOY.

Try plain rice cakes with some sugar free jam spread on top, or a natural nut butter.

I agree with corstijeir: I see sugar, soy (lowers testosterone in men), and some questionable oils.

I’ve found a few made only with rice, quinoa, flax and a little oil. Sorry, I recall the brands right now.

thanks guys. forget the rice cakes. sorry, i just dont like em. i thought these were ok, but screw it. i’ll eat some beef instead. or have a shake. i picked up 2 jugs of that meta whatever. so i’ll probably bring one home. by the way, is it ok if i have a shake lets say at 9 or 10pm, then go to bed a little later?
if you can find some good chips would be nice, for when i make a salsa.

on another note. if u see my log. i’m eating meat, shrimp, veggies(that’s pretty typical for me anyway), and now im eating the rice and potatoes. i may be wrong, but, for me, i find the rice is better than the potatoes. maybe because i cooked that batch of potatoes and i f’d them up…lol.

thanks again guys
have a great night.
im still in the office, and its time to go home

  1. Sure, a shake at that time is fine.

  2. I prefer rice to potatoes as well.

went to pharmacy to get my antibiotics yesterday.
so i stopped in the indian grocery store to get some rice. holy cow.
they had rice noodles from china, rice flour, and so many different kinds of rice. i’m gonna take a pic for you later. do you know how to read hindi? or chinese? ha ha.

Ha, no luck there! I’ve seen some crazy labels at exotic markets. Sometimes macronutrients don’t translate well into English.

BTW, for crackers, check into Nut Thins brand. Not perfect, but not bad either.

hi chris,
couple things

  1. i have the flu. not really eating much. so.
    if i take my indi… i need to have some carbs afterwards?
    or just skip? i have skipped 1 dose each if the last 2 days.
  2. ive seen some posts regarding dairy. what’s up with that?
  3. i saw a response you gave to someone regarding pasta and milk. what’s up with that also?
  4. you commented on products with “junk”, oils, etc. can u give me a brief breakdown of the junk please?
    i find myself looking at labels more now, but i’m not really sure of what I’m looking for.

on a general note. since ive been on Indigo, overall i have better agility, and flexibility. i’ve always had the “athletic” mentality, so this is coming along nicely. and now that i have found some corrections to the training program, i’m sure i will start to see some strength gains that i’m looking for.
my thanks to you and everyone else here.

enjoy your day

  1. I’d stay on the minimal dose anyway and just eat what you can for now.

  2. Milk lowers testosterone in men, causing prostate issues, interferes with and slows fat loss, bloats you, and triggers cravings later in the day. Best avoided. I suggest almond milk instead. Cheese is better, just don’t overdo it.

  3. Wheat leads to fat gain and causing uncontrollable cravings and food additions. See the book “Wheat Belly” for full info. Here’s a nice summary: Pasta is wheat. But you can buy it made from rice, which is fine for the hard training Indigo user.

  4. I avoid canola oil and anything hydrogenated (trans fat). Stick to raw olive oil, coconut oil for cooking, etc.

you been holding out.
that is a great summary. i will look for the book.
the only milk i drink is half n half in my coffee, and i always have it dark.
i do like cheese. not lots, but sometimes i crave it. i feel if i crave something that i really do not eat much, is probably cause there is something in there that i need.
see. he says snickers is better than wheat bread! lol.

interesting. i feel that my waist has gone down due primarily to visceral fat loss. and in my pics of 8/21,(i will post more of them after i get a friend to take some new ones this week…hopefully) i noticed my upper abdomen to be sticking out. i never knew about that visceral stuff before my middle daughter told me about it.

so many things are making more sense to me now. i am the “need to know why” type. well at least for the most part anyway.

i do use olive oil. even for pan frying, or sauteeing. it has the best flavor also

i just thought of something. remember i said i miss sandwiches?. that may have had something to do with the "wheat withdrawal"
hmmm. oh well, im getting used to it now.

Yes, it can take about a week to get over the wheat withdrawal. For about 30% of people, it can be rough, like coming off a true drug. But for most, it’s just a matter of getting over the psychological habit and finding some good placements.


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