Chili Recipes?


Anyone have a tried-and-true chili recipe that will work as the v-diet HSM? I think I’m gonna give this one a test drive over the weekend.


Checkout John Berardi’s “Dr Johns Chili” on pg 2 here -

I make this at least once a month, And it passes “the wife test” … She loves it too and eats for flavor, so it isnt “good for a health food recipe” … Its just good. CUT THE RECIPE IN HALF unless you have a HUUUGEE pot to make it in. My big pot, likely a standard size in a regular dish set, is almost bubbling over with half the recipe, you’d need one of those HUGE ones for this recipe.

For the HSM, I prefer to leave out the Cashew Meal and the beans, but you can keep them in if you want. Leaving them out cuts the cals/carbs quite a bit and lets you eat a BIG bowl, almost twice as big as one with the beans and cashew meal in it. Volumetrics as Shugart calls it.


Ditto on the Berardi Chili. It is awesome.

I made it for Cortes’ Thanksgiving party, and both Chushin and Cortes agreed it was some of the best they’d ever had. Cortes’ brother, who had just flown in from Texas (where they know about chili), agreed that it beat just about anything he’d ever had.

Departures from John’s recipe were that I included no beans, I concocted the chili powder myself from red pepper, black pepper, and cumin powder, and I used chunks of marinated beef instead of ground beef.

Also, I used a 24kg kettlebell to pulverize the cashews.


John’s Chili is awesome. My girl made it for me once… the whole thing it was crazy huge! Seriously like gallons and gallons :slight_smile: I need to make it again but prob half :wink:

Lately I’ve been buying Trader Joe’s turkey chili for 1.99 a can. It has about 40g P and 60 C maybe 10g F or less (per can)

I’ll then add a tomato, and pepper while it’s cooking. Then I eat it with green onions and cheddar bacon cheese, also from TJ. It’s a pretty epic meal. Add some more hot sauce if you’re into that. Don’t we all have a Frank’s red hot or other hot sauce obsession around here?

Also since it’s canned it’s portion controlled and you can add more veggies like peas, peppers, tomatoes, onions, or whatever else sounds good. I added a good cup of rice to one the other day and had it as my PWO meal :slight_smile: