Chick Doing the V-Diet

So I started the diet yesterday…so far so good. Mista Shugart suggested I post over here as well since there are not too many females posting progress. So here I am.

Weight: 165.2

  • Belly 37
  • Hips 41
  • Upper leg 26 (Sequoia?!)
  • Lower leg 16
  • Ankle 9
  • Chest above 37 under 32
  • Shoulders 41
  • Upper arm 12
  • Neck 14





Good luck with everything! I’ll be starting myself on next monday :slight_smile:

Post your results Keep us Updated!

Even if some will say it has nothing to do with Luck… Just Be strong !

May you have the desired Results!

Good luck! I’ll be checking in on you too! I’m also planning on starting soon and i’d love to see how things go for you! Looking at your pictures i think we probably carry our weight in similar areas so I can’t wait to see how great you look when you’re done :slight_smile:

Hang in there and keep us updated!

Thanks! Good luck to you too!

So Day 2 is in the books. Once 11am it it was smooth sailing. On training days I decided to split up the majority of my shakes and save my ‘full sized shakes’ for my first and last shake.

So far so good. I’m not sure if it’s common this early or not, but I actually started to get some cravings! I was craving Cottage cheese and salmon all day today. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had either of those! weird.

Training went well. All the slackers at the gym were my motivation. It made my workout go that much quicker-I just wanted to get out of there and have my shake!

Day 3 here I come…

Good luck!

Best of luck to you. Just stay srict and you will do great.

Thanks for the support guys!

Well…halfway through day 3. Only 2 more shakes left.

I must say it’s going pretty well. Haven’t even come close to failing. I did a 3.3mile NEPA today. I pushed the little ones around in the carriage…and boy after yesterdays workout it felt like I was pushing 260 pounds instead of just 60! No severe hunger pangs. The hunger usually kicks in about 10-15 minutes before a shake is due and I just use water to hold me over. Overall great day!

Day 4 almost over. 2 more shakes to go.

I am going to murder a cow. A very meaty cow.

Today was not as easy as the others. I was really tired which I think contributed to the bad mood. Even with the HOT-ROX I was still sluggish. Went for a 3.3 mile NEPA and finished right before a downpour. very niiice. Looking forward to this weekend and my HSM!!! I want a juicy steak and the greenest salad. Put off training tonight. Hams are still sore, and I wanted to wait for my Surge. So I’m going to go tomorrow night, Sunday then again Tuesday. I figure I wont hit the ‘gym traffic’ going on a Friday night or a weekend morning. We’ll see though! 24 more days!

That first HSM is so good. It will take you forever to eat. You will want to savor every bite. I am right with ya on the beef. I may have the same HSM this week as I did last week. Once you get that meal down, you will primed for another week of shakes. I promise, it does get easier. Keep up the good work. Good luck.

Thanks Falco!

I forgot to mention something that will probably save me on this diet! Oral B’s Brush ups!! I’ve had these suckers for years-never used them, found a few I stashed in my glove compartment. yum. It was heaven in my mouth.

I’m sure I’ll walk into a million jokes for this one, but since drinking these shakes my gag reflex is out of control! Maybe I’m making them too thick, but I can’t stand the aftertaste and the way my mouth feels after a shake. These suckers are quick, easy, and SO FRESH!

Congrats on your 4th day. Everyday is a challenge by itself!
Keep up the good work!

Im following your progress :slight_smile:

Stay strong!

I hear you on the beef- yesterday I told my boyfriend ‘if my left forearm was on the diet, I’d eat it right now.’ Something about meat is really appealing. My HSM is Sunday at a good friends wedding. I can’t explain how excited I am to be only two days away from solid food.

I’m on day 4 and having crazy cravings too- I may have to grab some brush ups! Whatever gets it through, right?

Will be checking up on ya- congrats on making it this far!

Any tips for the shakes? And are you enjoying the fiber choice tablet as much as I am (just because it’s chewing)?

[quote]FitBEE wrote:
Any tips for the shakes? And are you enjoying the fiber choice tablet as much as I am (just because it’s chewing)?[/quote]

Kudos to you too!!

yea I find my cravings hilarious. One day it was cottage cheese and salmon. together. Yesterday was steak. I daydream about chicken pot pie, and today was I hate to say it, but it was COLD veggie pizza-perhaps because that was the last slice of pizza I had. But I tell myself everyday that I can ‘cheat’ come Sunday then its back to shakes.

The shakes are getting a bit tricky for me. The idea of loading the blender with ice has backfired. It is just too much for my stomach. I feel like I’m going to explode. So I took some advice and used less water and only added a few cubes and it was better.

I’m in love with the strawberry Metabolic Drive. Banana is getting old, and I tried Vanilla yesterday at my boyfriend’s house and thought I was going to die. It was too sweet for me. Too bad I didnt know this before I ordered a tub!

[quote]Kurlie26 wrote:
yea I find my cravings hilarious. One day it was cottage cheese and salmon. together. [/quote]


Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?

[quote]nephorm wrote:
Kurlie26 wrote:
yea I find my cravings hilarious. One day it was cottage cheese and salmon. together.


Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?[/quote]


keep up the good work!!!

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