Chewing Gum


Silly question probably. But I was thinking that chewing gum might help with the lack of solid food intake by giving me the sensation of actually eating. Even sugarfree gum usually has some calories to it, and I don’t want to mess up anything with the diet. Is this a feasible option? Are there other options?



Well, the #1 complaint of most V-Dieters is that they’re “too full.” So you may not need to plan for any hunger issues.

That said, a craving can be different that true hunger, and yes, gum can help there.

It won’t mess up the diet, but some coaches like Thibaudeau suggest against it, at least for his clients heading into physique shows.

Me? I say that if a piece of gum helps you to stick to a diet or avoid eating a cheesecake, then it’s fine. But I suppose it could be overdone. Stick to a piece or two per day.


I always used to snack on ice haha, hope that saves me with this diet when I start friday! Sometimes I add ice to my shakes as well so while I’m drinking I can chew on some stuff during it. Always makes me feel fuller.


Chewing gum helped me a lot. I did that last time, helped me through the first week last time I was on the V-Diet. It is again helping me through this first week a second time. Sugar free gum is a must.