Chelsey's V-Diet Self Challenge

Ok so I’m not too sure how to start this off…I guess just the basics.

I’m a 23 year old full time masters student and also work full time as a service coordinator for an HVAC company in lovely London, ON. I am doing this V-Diet because I have hit a personal plateau and need something to help me kick my own ass! When I was little I was this tiny scrawny little thing who played baseball all summer and ringette and hockey all winter and also did competitive springboard diving and gymnastics.

Doing all this meant I could literally eat whatever I wanted and I was always extremely tiny. I gained a little weight and was then a comfortable normal size and then, well then high school rolls around,I become lazy, I start working and stop playing sports and wouldn’t you know it, I put on a good 15-20 lbs in a summer. Fan-fucking-tastic. This is exactly the age and time a young girl wants to gain weight, you know when kids are nice. My mother even gave me the loving nickname “chunky monkey”, thanks mom.

Anyways I managed to lose most of that weight between my 1st and 2nd year of university. I looked a lot better, but still had no real definition to me. It was then that my amazing boyfriend suggested I start hitting the gym with him and get into weight training.

Being the naive workout person I was I quaffed and told him I didn’t want to get “bulky.” He assured me I wouldn’t and since he’s the one that gets to look at me up close and personal I decided to take his word for it. Just months after I began I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt, and I started to get more defined arms and just had more energy. I didn’t really lose too much weight but that didn’t matter, I looked and felt better. Whoever started that nasty rumour that women will get bulky and begin looking like the hulk if they workout should be punished…severely.

So now I’ve been training pretty consistently for about two years but I’m still not really 100% satisfied with how I look. At the time I was thrilled but the further along you get with health and fitness the more you seem to crave it.

My friends and family don’t/won’t really get why I’m doing this stating ‘you already look great’ and ‘this is basically a starvation diet’ and I don’t think I’ll really be able to fully explain it to them as they just know what the media and general society perpetuates.

However I have my guy on my team and that’s all I need. Some people may call me vain for wanting to look better but I’m just doing this for me, I want to push myself, I want to go further, and I want to finally have the body I’ve been dreaming about for about 8 years now!

Ok, sorry for the rant I just now realized how much I’ve typed out but I feel good and am ready to start! I was supposed to start on Friday but unfortunately customs took a long time to clear my package because of the HOT-ROX. However it made it over the border and I am ready to start tomorrow, Monday. My boyfriend and I already have the Metabolic Drive and other necessary components here to get my day started and the package will be ready for pick up at 10 am!

Here I come V-Diet, I’m hungry and so incredibly ready for change!

Here are my starting stats and pictures:

Height: 5"4
Weight: 135
Chest Over: 34 Under: 30
Waist: 29.5"
Hips: 32.5"
Ass: 39"
Thigh: 22.5"

I am hoping to lean down my thighs and waist!

Does anyone know why my pictures won’t upload?

Looking forward to following your progress!

Oh, and be sure to explain to your family that the V-Diet has you consuming healthy food (Metabolic Drive) 5-6 times per day, you’re getting more healthy vegetables and fruits (Superfood) than them, and more healthy fats (Flameout.) Starvation? Not exactly. The V-Diet is probably 5 times as nourishing as the diet eaten by your naysayers.

(Not sure what’s up with the pics. Keep trying to upload them. The site accepts most every image type.)

Day One Pictures…blah!

Ok just realized those pics were kinda small so here are some bigger ones. Yes world, this is me, no makeup, no sucking in, no flattering light, just me. I feel liberated having shared these pictures I must say.

Day 1 went pretty well, the only time I felt really hungry was when everyone in the office was heating up their lunches. Also I found myself thinking of what chicken dish I was going to make for supper on the way home, not realizing my meal was already planned for me. I usually love coming home and cooking up one of Berardi’s amazing dishes. I do feel pretty good though aside from a small nagging headache which I’m not sure is from the change in diet or the crappy weather. Anyways I am out for the evening…1 down, 27 more to go!

Ok I give up, my pictures just keep shrinking…

Welcome to the revolution!

I think you’e going to do great! Overall you’re fairly lean, so by the time you’re done with the V-Diet you’re going to be looking great. I think you’re abs are going to look amazing, and I can wait to see the after pics!

Keep updating your log and it’ll help you stay focused. It really did for me.

Thanks for the encouraging words, I really hope my stomach leans out. Over the years I’ve managed to trim down everywhere else but I can never seem to get rid of that 1/2" on my stomach and my inner thighs as well. I think posting on here is definitely going to help me stay on track, like Chris said, it keeps you accountable.

Anywhoo just took my first dose of HOT-ROX today as I couldn’t pick mp my package until yesterday at 5pm when they originally stated it would be ready for 10…damn Fedex. Customs definitely took a gander inside my box too, nosey bastards. I am feeling extremely warm right now which is very odd for me because I am always cold and I work for an air conditioning company so the office is usually freezing! Also I kinda feel like I’m on speed or something. I feel insanely energized and feel as though I’m talking a mile a minute with dialated pupils and am slightly afraid of talking to my co-workers because of this.

Does this wear off the more you take it, or will I always feel like this when I take them? I kinda feel like supergirl right now and am really amped for my workout tonight.

Peace and love

For me the effects of the HOT-ROX mellowed as the diet wore on. For the first day or two it was noticable, after that it was fine.

for what it’s worth, you do look incredible already and i know several women who would want to look like you at the END of their program! that being said, i’m definitely not siding with your naysayers; it’s good that you want to challenge yourself.

I know from personal experience from recently dropping 25 lb how frustrating it can be when people tell you, “you already look great!,” you don’t need to change a thing!" So i’m just telling you that you look great, lol, but not the latter. it’s good to strive to look better, but it’s also good to realize how beautiful you already are.

Thank you! I’ve gotta say you’re transformation is pretty effing amazing, you look great. I think the naysayers and the people who keep telling me I’m ‘starving myself’ just don’t really understand.

Day 2 is rolling along beautifully, the first dose of HOT-ROX has worn off and I feel less like a crack head now and more back to myself, I did manage to get a lot of work done though while I was on my little high. I only took one this morning, opposed to two.

I will probably bump it up to two twice a day sometime this week.

Oh and to be honest the picture of me in my display was from about 4 months ago and I just cut the majority of carbs from my diet for about 2 weeks and I also took a natural diuretic for 3 days prior to the event. I was in a competition and I’m hoping the V-Diet will help me achieve more lasting results. After my diet I’m planning on sticking with the plan and following Berardi’s Precision Nutrition recipes.

Just as I was about to invest in the Precision Nutrition guide, one of my friends suggested this diet:

and I felt like I’ve found religion! I lost 25 lbs (of fat!) since making the switch. Check it out! It’s definitely worth at least taking some inspiration from it. And I’m sure you’ll find that in PN, too. It’s full of great surprises too. The whole 6 months that I was cutting I was still eating bacon (no nitrates of course) and drinking coconut milk.

Worked out last night and sweat my ass off. I workout at the major Goodlife here in London, ON the one all the other Goodlife’s in Canada are supposed to be modeled after. What really grinds my gears is that for such a massive gym they have 1, yes 1 power rack and then 5 shitty smith machines.

And it seems every single time I want to do squats someone is using the rack for chin ups (there are 4 pieces of equipment solely for chin ups and dips) or they’re doing curls of something like that. It drives me crazy because there’s tons of equipment dedicated to that other stuff but that is the only rack, and it’s not even a good one! BAH!

What made the workout worse was that I literally thought I was going to be sick from the HOT-ROX I took earlier, the whole drive home my stomach was just tossing and turning. I know some people have said they don’t like the Surge but I actually really enjoyed the raspberry stuff.

Also I could barely finish my shakes last night but Steve made me, knowing how important it is to get in all my nutrition for the day. I mixed them with very little water and gulped them down. Except the superfood, I like that on its own mixed with lots of water, to me it tastes like iced tea or something.

All in all things seem to be going pretty well. As I’m writing my other co-workers are enjoying their lunches, the one that smells the best is the totally bad for you BLT on super thick white break with extra mayo, it’s really just the baconey goodness smell that I like. It makes me feel stronger though knowing I have the power to resist these foods.

Yum! Just finished my lunch and I turned the chocolate Metabolic Drive into Hot Chocolate, it was deeelish!

I know that as soon as I make it to lunch I’m ok, I’m always the most hungry in the mornings.

You actually like the super food?? Oh my goodnes, that was the worst part of the whole V-Diet for me. The few times that I didn’t have a blender and needed to shake up my shakes. I struggled to get theat stuff down.

Almost the end of Day 3 with one shake left to go. My afternoon was not good, after I took my second dose of HOT-ROX I was pretty ill about 20 minutes later, to the point that I actually had to run to the washroom and be sick. Thank goodness the last thing I had was orange sugar free fiber! I think it was my own fault though, perhaps my stomach was not totally empty as the usage directions state it should be. Anyone else have any issues with this? I managed to get down my dinner shake about an hour later and am currently sipping on some herbal calming tea.

Today I began questioning why I started doing this in the first place. I had just been sick, my stomach was rumbling, and usually when I’m upset I have something yummy to eat. Not necessarily junk food, but something I find comforting, like a big baked potato with omega-3 butter, that’s my guilty treat! After feeling sorry for myself and moping for about 20 minutes I reached down and grabbed hold of my stomach and said “in 4 weeks I won’t be able to grab hold of this” and realized that this is exactly why I need to do this. I’ve given up on things in the past, quit too early, made up excuses. This time no more excuses, I am strong enough, I am pissed off enough, and I will make it through this. I just need to man up, quit whining and stick with it.

This whiner is going to let the dogs out, have her last shake and get some much needed rest!

First of all…I love your attitude and I was glad to see how you responded to this little bout of adversity. These things are inevitable…the only thing that matters is how you deal with them! The V-Diet gives you the opportunity to prove to yourself that you are strong enough for anything.

On a practical note, I think you should limit HOT-ROX to just one cap in the morning. It’s not going to hinder your progress in any way…you’ll have to just trust me on that one. I’ve had some of my best weeks of fat loss without it. Only when you feel almost nothing from one cap (no change in energy level, appetite, or general crack-headedness) should you up the dose to two caps. And then you could either take two at once, or maybe take your second one three hours later or six hours later…whatever seems to work best.

Otherwise…keep up the great work and the great attitude!

Thanks for the advice, I now definitely think I’m going to stick to 1 HOT-ROX in the morning as it seems to matter what I do I get severely nauseous about 20 minutes later.

Ok so Day 4 is going pretty well so far. Finished my third shake and am getting ready to leave work and head to the gym. I’ve found having a variety of herbal teas has really helped me throughout the day. Whenever I get a little hungry I just have a little bit of fiber and a cup of tea. Since I’m not getting a crazy amount of variety with the shakes its nice to have some flavoured tea. The pomegranant raspberry green tea is my personal fav right now. I’m super jealous of everyone from the States as you can all get Da Vinci syrups much easier than us here in Canada, along with a number of other specialty items like carb counter milk and shirataki noodles. Ah, so much more variety.

I am getting very very excited for my HSM. I think I’m going to have some filet mignon and a small piece of chicken with my zucchini ‘pasta’ (just zucchini I run through the mandolin then cut into pasta-esque strips and lightly steam along with some sauteed spinach. MMMmmmm…salivating at the thought a la Homer Simpson. I really think I just miss having savoury food. I’m not a big sweets person, I dig the salt and these shakes are just so damn sweet! I wish there was some protein soup broth I could drink, or at least some unflavoured stuff so I could make my own.

My workout last night was awesome. I’ve been making steady gains with my deadlifts and chin ups and push ups. It’s just funny how people look at me like a freak in the gym because I’m usually one of the only girls lifting weights while the others look at the TV screens and just work away on the elliptical, not changing a single thing everytime they enter gym.

Never pushing themselves, never wanting more, being satisfied with their workout but not their results.

5 Days in and still going. Made it to lunch so I know I’ll be good now. I am uber excited for my HSM tomorrow. All day today I have been craving a massive spinach and feta salad. I so wish I could just have a salad a day, I would be so satisfied! I have also been craving my cabbage ‘noodles’ (just finely sliced cabbage steamed, much like my faux zucchini noodles) with my homemade tomato basil garlic sauce.

I really love getting creative with my food and finding healthy ways to enjoy my favourite flavours.

I seem to miss chewing food, like having something you need to chomp on rather than slurp down. Are there any suggestions for this? Anything creative someone has thought of?

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