Chefs_Wife V-Diet April 27, 2008

Hi, I am CHEFS_WIFE, a 27 year old female and this is my Velocity Diet Journal. I will start with my photos and stats, then give you my background and daily updates. I welcome your feedback.

Day 1 was Sunday, April 27, 2008 so you will see several catch-up posts from me today. Pictures will come later this evening

-Age 27
-Height 5 ft., 9 in.
-Weight 143 lbs.
-Around the largest part of your belly 35 in.
-Hips 40 in.
-Upper leg (thigh) 23 in.
-Lower leg (calf) 13 in.
-Ankle 9 in.
-Chest (measure over breasts and again just below) 29 in. under
-Shoulders 40 in.
-Upper arm 11 in.
-Neck 13 in.

-Why am I doing this?

I love all that is T-Nation and MWA and have been lurking for too long. I have made some progress on my own since December 2007 but still have a long way to go to reach my goals. I struggle with cravings and consistent nutrition. The Velocity Diet seems like the right thing for me at this moment, so I submitted myself for the MWA physique clinic.

According to the site, there are over 1,000 applications in the queue. As good as I like to think my persuasive writing is; that’s a lot of competition! And no doubt they are all very motivated individuals. So, I will keep reading the Clinics, work on my own for now (with your help!) and maybe, just maybe I will be chosen 1 day! I’m not whining, just aspiring!

-My T-Nation Physique Clinic submission:

“Ok. (pause) Well, tonight I am making fried chicken, rice and gravy.” That was my husband’s response when I told him I was applying for the T-Nation Physique Clinic. And that is why I need help.

My husband is wonderful chef who specializes in southern and italian comfort food. I am losing the fight against my sugar cravings and his tempting cooking. I have been working on my own transformation since December 2007. I have had some success but not nearly the transformation I would like. Training is the easy part for me. Diet is the hardest. I can usually stick to my plan 100% for 4-6 weeks and then I reach a point where my husband’s cooking and my sugar cravings break me down and I binge.

I always get “back on track” with my diet the next day, but when you’re “cheating” 3 times a week, that is not progress. I used to say I had an iron will, but given these last few weeks, that is not the case.

At the end of the day, it is Chris and Christian who are the experts, so I bow to their wisdom and experience. But, here is my request:

To totally re-set my tastebuds and food cravings, I want to do the do the Velocity Diet through the T-Nation Physique Clinic and here is why:

  • people report that it seriously helps with food cravings (a big stumbling block for me)
  • people report dramatic fat loss with no muscle loss (this is the perfect catalyst for my ultimate transformation)
  • this is an amazingly knowledgeable and supportive community

My Goals:
Short: To fit into my size 4 pants by May 26th.

Longer: To look like a fitness model in a bikini by September 1, 2008.

Last month, I had myself hydrostatically weighed. So I have a reliable body fat measurement of 23%. And because I live in a major U.S. metro area, I could have it re-tested at any time and I am willing to do that. Also, I have no problem eating on a regimented schedule.

I am ready to do this! What do you say? Am I in?

Day 1 - Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 1 | Summary: It was challenging, but I succeeded.

And it showed me that I have to take full responsibility for my actions. My wonderful chef of a husband cannot be blamed for what I put in my mouth.

The drastic switch from my junk food fest on Friday-Saturday was difficult physically and mentally. I had a mild headache for most of the afternoon and a general feeling of malaise (Both went away completely after the 1st day). The mental aspect was being in the same car with my husband as he enjoyed french fries, a chili cheeseburger and coke from The Varsity - a local fast food restaurant that is so good and yet so bad! We were out furniture shopping for most of the afternoon and he wanted some fast food for the ride home. In an effort to support me, he walked inside to order his food but because of time, he had to eat it in the car.

So, there I am driving us home… I am drinking a strawberry Metabolic Drive shake and in between sips smelling the sweet greasy heaven that is emanating from his burger combo on Day 1 of my Velocity Diet. I enjoyed the smell, ‘eating’ it vicariously through him and finished my shake. No French fry, no ‘just a bite’ or anything. 100% success.

And here is a silly, non-sense thought: Is there a chance I got ‘contact calories’ just from being in the same car? I mean, I did not inhale, but…ok, well maybe I did inhale ‘the Varsity food smell’ not the other ‘contact’ high you are thinking of! LOL, let’s stay focused here!

Day 1 | The most surprising thing: I felt satisfied all day.

I was really surprised by this. I really thought I would struggle with hunger pangs all day, but was impressed that I constantly felt satiated. Even during the late evening, when my cravings are the absolute worst! I did not go to bed hungry at all and enjoyed one of the best night’s sleep I have gotten in a long time.

Day 1 | Random Thoughts: HOT-ROX = No negative side effects = Huge relief!

I am so relieved that I am able to handle HOT-ROX Extreme. This is the only part of the diet that I was not sure of. In the past, I experienced heart palpitations, shaking and cramps from other fat burners and quit taking it. Ever since then I have stayed away from these types of products.

But, after reading all the V-Diet threads here, it seemed HOT-ROX was different and I decided to give it a shot (also b/c it plays a key role in this plan). So I am relieved that from Day 1, I have not experienced any negative side effects from the HOT-ROX. For the record, I started with 1 HOT-ROX Extreme at 6 am and took a 2nd at 2 pm.

P.S. The healthy food cravings have already started, but I am sticking with the 28-day plan.

Day 2 - Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 2 | Summary: Today was surprisingly easy.

I stuck to the plan and the only hiccup was an unplanned Solid Healthy Meal that I will count as my HSM for this week.

I really didn’t want to have my HSM so early, but I was invited out to lunch with my boss and in our work situation (very Corporate America), it would have been very odd to 1) go to lunch with him and not eat at the restaurant or 2) sip a shake at the restaurant. Also, in this situation turning down the lunch invitation would have been a career limiting move.

So, I enjoyed a spring mix salad with tuna and salmon sashimi (this Japanese restaurant did not offer baked sweet potatoes). Unplanned, but a good compromise in my opinion.

For the rest of the day, I enjoyed my supplements, shakes, fiber tablets, flax seed, natural peanut butter and NEPA walk as planned.

I was generally satiated all day until 9 pm. I was catching up on laundry and fighting cravings. To help, I made a glass of Crystal Light peach tea. Yes, it was 5 calories not on the plan, but it kept me from scarfing down an unplanned 190 calorie spoonful of natural peanut butter. (Shugart said in an article or forum post that ±50 calories was okay.)

Day 2 | The most surprising thing: Banana Metabolic Drive is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

I ordered 1 of each flavor and figured I probably would not make it through 1 banana shake, but thought I would give all the flavors a try. I can’t stand that ‘fake banana’ flavor you get in candy and other food. I also thought I would only be able to drink the banana with peanut butter mixed in - WRONG! I drank it all by itself mixed only with water yesterday and it was great!

Day 2 | Random Thoughts: I feel like a jerk saying today was surprisingly easy.

Especially since so many others have said it’s the 1st few days that are the hardest. And this is by no means an easy diet. I wonder if the ‘easy’ will continue. It’s still too early to tell. I know from my previous ‘12 week challenges’ that right at week no. 4, I crumble - tired of bland food and craving pizza (which, by the way, is a gift straight from God!). <- Cravings are why I started this. I have failed 3x at this exact point and each time, it’s harder to get back on track. I decided to do the V-Diet to re-condition my taste buds and quickly lose a good amount of fat.

Off to the gym now… will post Day 3 summary and front/side/back pictures in this thread tonight.

hey, just wanted to wish you good luck on your journey. Being around all of the temptation of your chef husband’s cooking will be very difficult, but as long as you keep your focus, you can do it! Hopefully he is supportive of you too :slight_smile:

miss fit! It’s so cool that you stopped by because your V-Diet log was really helpful in my preparation! Thanks for the encouragement.

I’m thankful that my husband is doing more than ever to support me. Today, he waited until I left for the gym to cook his dinner and had it all put away when I got home. It’s a little thing, but it helped.

Day 3 | Summary: Today was not so easy.

Part of it is my fault - lessons learned below. But, I still stuck to the plan 100%.

On my lunch break I made the mistake of browsing the current menu of my favorite gourmet restaurant online and then searching for “healthy” versions of the recipes. Duh! At first I was okay, just entertaining myself with a little food porn. Then I started craving the dishes, not wanting shakes and thinking “I’m having healthy cravings already, so I’ve accomplished part of my goals for this diet, I can cheat and enjoy some salmon and asparagus” <- NOT! What a terrible rationalization! And if it only took 3 days to make a “taste bud” change like that, WOW, we’d all be in great shape!

Day 3 | The most surprising thing: I can close-grip pull-down (palms facing me) 87.5 lbs! Pretty cool!

Day 3 | Random Thoughts: I am not in love with Chocolate Metabolic Drive.

Maybe using other chocolate flavored proteins has conditioned my taste buds to expect a certain flavor? Who knows, but I will be experimenting with flavorful, calorie free additives. How strange am I? I love the banana, hate the chocolate. Kind of opposite of what I expected. Now I’m curious to see how the Orange Cream flavor rates in contrast.

Milled flax seeds mixed with natural peanut butter taste GREAT! I won’t bother anymore with mixing them in my shakes. It throws off the flavor and texture for me. Of course this is all part of the plan and no extra calories. The only challenge is my peanut butter is scheduled for evening and I have 3 flax seed servings throughout the day.

hiya! good luck on your v-diet journey. I’m excited to follow your progress.

Pictures from Day 1. I tried to add it to my 1st post, but it’s not working.

Good luck!

Good luck, just stay motivated! You definitely can do it! :slight_smile:

Realize that you don’t have to see your husband as the enemy and that you can enjoy his cooking… at the right time and in the right portions.

If you structure 5 out of 6 of your daily meals to meet your P+F or P+C combinations, you can (guilt free) enjoy his cooking as long as you earned the meal by training hard before eating it.

I know you are doing the V-Diet right now. I just want you to realize that you don’t need to lose any progress you might make when this diet is over and you transition back to eating whole food meals.

If you want lasting results this has to be a lasting change. The V-Diet isn’t just a band aid to make you look better for a month. Why bother with it if you aren’t going to stay committed to being healthier long term? I’m not saying this is your problem, it is a problem I see that a lot of other women have. They have the mentality that they can go “on” and “off” dieting and somehow still see good results. Eating healthy isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle choice. Good luck!

One thing I would suggest is looking into Berardi’s gourmet nutrition cookbook. It has a lot of healthy, tasty food in it, and it might provide a nice bridge between your husband’s profession and your need for a healthy lifestyle. Good luck with the V-Diet, I’m on day 27 myself. Stick with it, it definately gets easier around week 3.

You also haven’t said anything about your training. To be honest, looking at your pictures I don’t see a need for fat loss. I see a need for muscle building.

[quote]sic wrote:

I know you are doing the V-Diet right now. I just want you to realize that you don’t need to lose any progress you might make when this diet is over and you transition back to eating whole food meals.

If you want lasting results this has to be a lasting change. The V-Diet isn’t just a band aid to make you look better for a month.

Eating healthy isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle choice. Good luck![/quote]

You are so right. Thank you for saying that. I needed the reminder. I’ve been reading these few responses over and over this morning for motivation.

[quote]ninjaboy wrote:
One thing I would suggest is looking into Berardi’s gourmet nutrition cookbook. It has a lot of healthy, tasty food in it, and it might provide a nice bridge between your husband’s profession and your need for a healthy lifestyle. Good luck with the V-Diet, I’m on day 27 myself. Stick with it, it definitely gets easier around week 3.[/quote]

Yes, I am definitely going to get that!

And Day 27 - WOW! Congratulations! It’s nice to hear that it does get easier. I just have to get through this 1st part (well, all of it, really).

[quote]sic wrote:
You also haven’t said anything about your training. To be honest, looking at your pictures I don’t see a need for fat loss. I see a need for muscle building.[/quote]

sic, you are one step ahead of me! Thank you - I take that as a compliment. I do realize I need to build muscle. And I want to. I would just really like to lose a good amount of lower body fat first. Yes, I know you can’t spot reduce, but I figured if I reduce overall, then it will have an effect on my lower body.

As you can see in my pictures, fat concentrates around my butt, hips and thighs. I hate the “jiggle” and I hate having a lumpy ass.

I want to be lean and firm. I’ll post a picture tonight of what I’m going for. Maybe it will help.

—Training —

Correction: I am following the workout program from Tropicalshoes Physique Clinic.

3x a week - Weights - Full body, as heavy as I can go
7x a week - NEPA walks

Weekly progression by adding circuits, resting less or adding a rep.


A1 Pulldown with palms facing you (4 reps)
rest 30 seconds
A2 Deadlift (4 reps)
rest 30 seconds
A3 Decline DB bench press (4 reps)
rest 30 seconds

Repeat A1-A3 5 times

2 sets side plank, hold for 30 seconds each side.


A1 Standing alternating DV shoulder press (6 reps)
rest 35 seconds
A2 Alternating reverse lunge (6 reps)
rest 35 seconds
A3 One arm DB row (6 reps)
rest 35 seconds

Repeat A1-A3 2 times

B1 Overhead DB triceps extension (6 reps)
rest 35 seconds
B2 Standing DB hammer curl (6 reps)
rest 35 seconds
B3 bodyweight squat (15 reps)
rest 35 seconds

Repeat B1-B3 2 times

2 sets plank, hold for 45 seconds.


A1 DB Romanian deadlift (8 reps)
rest 30 seconds
A2 Push-up (8 reps)
rest 30 seconds
A3 Wide-grip pulldown (8 reps)
rest 30 seconds

Repeat A1-A3 2 times

B1 Standing DB side raise (8 reps)
rest 30 seconds
B2 Bent over DB row (8 reps)
rest 30 seconds
B3 Reverse crunch (15 reps)
rest 30 seconds
B4 Step-ups (8 reps each leg)

Repeat B1-B4 2 times


My friend BackDay sent me part of an article by Chris Shugart in a PM today and it was just in time. I have another business dinner tonight with 8 people. I will be drinking my shake beforehand and enjoying nothing but the conversation and a glass of water at the restaurant.

I am posting it here for myself since I will be regularly reading over the responses for motivation.

" Skill #4: Be the Outcast

I received an email the other day from a V-Dieter that went something like this:

“Chris, I have to attend a dinner at a restaurant for my company, but it doesn’t fall during my solid meal day. What can eat that won’t blow my V-Diet?”

My answer shocked her:

“You can drink your usual shake before you go and eat nothing, or you take your shake with you to the restaurant.”

She was practically livid. What would people think? What would they say? How would she explain herself?

The problem here is her mindset. Why is she afraid of being different? Why does she have such a desire to fit in, even when “fitting in” means doing something counter to her goals? What, is she going to get fired for not eating a plate of pasta and breadsticks at the Olive Garden? What’s the worry?

As a social species, we all have the desire to fit in, to belong to a group. But in terms of fitness and health, to “fit in” today would mean being overweight and a slave to toxic foods and unhealthy habits. I prefer to be the outcast, don’t you? Yes, you are going to stand out during and after the V-Diet. You are going to do something most people won’t even attempt to do.

The correct mindset is this:

“I am going to so something completely radical in order to make a fast, radical change in my body and my life. Some people will think I’m crazy. That’s okay. I don’t want to be like them anyway. I want to stand out. I want to achieve what they can’t achieve. I’m different. I am not average. Average is fat and unhealthy. I am above average. My dedication will make people uncomfortable. They may try to sabotage me. That’s okay too. This is fun. This is an adventure. It makes me interesting and different. After I’m done, those average people will ask me how they can be ‘crazy’ too, and I will help them.”

For 28 days you’re going to be different. Embrace it. I give you permission to stand out. You’re different. Stronger. Better. Be the outcast. "


sic’s right–you need some firm-n-curvy muscle, so train hard.

Getting all that protein in the V-Diet is probably going to serve you very well.

I also suggest exploring some other interests you’ve kept on the back-burner, heh, to balance out the food-centered lifestyle. And I say this as a former personal chef and food geek.

Good luck! You seem very well-organized about this project and that will aid you in your V-Diet success.

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