Hey Chris, figured I’d tackled this issue before I just assume it’s okay to continue with.

As with wheat, eliminating it 100% from my diet has done wonders, and when I add it back in it makes me rather sick, but a few more times and it doesn’t really seem to bother me as much…

Past two HSM’s on the velocity diet I had the turkey burger and some rice flour chicken, and the second cauliflower pizza. Now I haven’t had back acne in some time except for the last week. Wasn’t sure why at first, and than I had the cauliflower pizza, and I was hitting the bathroom several times the next day just not feeling too great.

Think this is a sign I need to eliminate cheese from my diet 100% for the best fat loss / muscle gains? Easier said than done, so I need some official advice on this haha!


While cheese is better than liquid milk (because the macros are better and cheese-making removes most of the bad stuff in milk), I too find that I do better limiting it. Yogurt and cottage cheese are worse than hard cheeses for me.

So yes, when you’re really fine-tuning your diet, getting rid of cheese or really limiting it, is an option that works for many.

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