Cheese Crackers


Cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil ( one of those silcon mats would probably work wonders here ).

Spray with pam.

Oven at 350-375.

Pat down 1-2 teaspoon of a hard shredded cheese (( try parm, asiago, etc ) I used parm).

Added a touch of sharp cheddar ( can be a bit greasy, even more so if it’s cheap cheddar ).

Add seasoning if you choose ( i went with cumin, paprika and tomato garlic basil ms dash ).

Place in oven for 5-10 minutes until browned… can burn quick so watch out!

Not going to work in super solid dips, but it’s a functional cracker-- and addicting.


Fresh out the oven-- could of stood to go in a bit longer( maybe a toss under the flame broiler ).




On a plate- next to red pepper hummus.




Action 2!


I used to make these all the time, but I did them stovetop rather than in the oven. I think the best spice to put on these is some chipotle pepper. YUM!


Indeed, red pepper flakes are good too.

You could in theory make a taco shell using this method, as when you first pull them out they are pliable and you can shape them, then when they cool they take form.

Don’t know how much cheese that turns out to be, but i’m sure if you played your cards right yo could get 1 good taco shell out of it and not break the calorie bank.

Mmm, taco’s. I haven’t had a good steak taco in ages…


I made these at work today.

In the lunch room - shared. Was awesome.