Checking in


Hello my friends,

I am at the two week point today! I am down 10 pounds and have lost an inch and three quarters on my waist. Ok, I’m ready for this to be over but I am happy with the results so far. My stomach is flatter the love handles are almost non existent. The first week I actually dropped all of my weight (weighed daily against recommendations, but I have done it for years so I am used to fluctuations.) Went to the intermediate workout for the 2nd week. I use kbells for everything. I did the lunges with a 24kg bell yesterday and it is a new sensation of pain all day today! I thought I would do doubles but wisely I changed my mind after the 2nd rep.

The first meal was crazy!! We were hit by the hurricane, had no power so I had to shop for everything on my HSM day because everything in the fridge went bad! It was funny, all I can remember is standing in the Whole Foods market and my mouth filling with saliva as I was looking at all the food! Real food! Man, I don’t know about anyone else but my stomach shrank from not eating! I had such a huge salad with so much stuff on it that I could barely fit my protein(chicken) in. I had a stomach ache and had to take nap for a couple of hours. My wife was shaking head & laughing at the same time. Yeah I know a little extreme! The 2nd HSM went much better lean steak, broccoli rabe, green beans, a little rice and some fruit.

I was hoping to drop 18 pounds, I don’t know if that will happen but I do know my fat percentage will be in the low double digits! My pants are very loose and I just bought them a couple of months ago. I also need a new belt which was also newly bought.

When my wife fixes her meals she looks so attractive! She is so seductive when chewing… I crave to kiss her just for a taste of flavor, but she has caught on and rebuffs my advances!! People think they are soo fancy just walking around eating food!!!

Well my friends writing this has helped, I feel better.

Take care,


Keep going at it. You’ll do great. Don’t cheat, follow the plan and it works.


Nice work so far!

You’ll reach your goal, but remember not to pay too much attention to scale weight. The new training program will likely add some new muscle to you as well, which will throw off scale weight numbers. Better to focus on tape measurements, how your pants fit etc.