Check up on Plazma/MAG-10, Other Supps

Hi Y’all

I switched over to using Plazma and MAG-10 as my peri workout nutrition today and just wanted to make sure I’m doing it correctly since I did modify it a little (I know, I know). Due to budgetary constraints I am only using 1 serving of Plazma so that a full bottle will last me a month of workouts. As I read in another forum I Pre-Loaded with the single serving. After my weight workout I do 30 min of cardio (it works for me).

It is during this cardio session that I have become accustomed to taking creatine monohydrate so I continued doing it. Then as soon as I step off the treadmill I go make the MAG-10 serving before a stretching session. So instead of the recommended hour, I take it 30 minutes after the weights. An hour later I eat breakfast (No Carbs) with which I always drink a serving of Superfood with and also take the GNC Ripped Pack of vitamins which includes a caffeine based fat burner pill.

Other Info - I work out first thing in the morning (necessary to my schedule). I am 6 feet tall and weigh 200lbs. I am cutting and have lost 38lbs in total. In the past 4 weeks I lost 5lbs and cut probably 2-3% body fat. I will post a picture below.

Current Nutrition

Calories Fat Carbs Protein
1947 65 68 244

This is the lowest I will allow my calories to go.

Here are my questions.

  1. Is it ok to continue throwing in the creatine while I’m doing my cardio, or will that affect the other supplements?

  2. Is it ok to take the MAG-10 30 minutes post instead of the full hour?

  3. Is 1 hour enough time between the MAG-10 and my first solid meal which contains the other daily nutrition supps?

Thank you for your response!

Here’s a photo of transformation so far.

Congrats on your progress so far!

  1. There’s no reason to use creatine in that manner, but it doesn’t hurt either. We’d suggest instead to add the creatine to either your Plazma pre-load or Mag-10 post-workout.

  2. Yes, that’s fine, since you’re not using Plazma during.

  3. Sure, no problem.

Thanks Chris!

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