Cheat Your Way Thin Diet?

Hey Chris,

I am currently on my final week of the V-Diet (3rd time around) and the results are great. Every year I do it I get leaner and leaner…which is exactly what I want.

After my transition I am planning to go on Joel Marion’s Cheat your way thin diet which includes having a “Cheat day” to boost leptin levels and strategically eating throughout the week to boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat. <—in a nutshell

I’d like to know your thoughts on this particular diet. Have you heard about it? Would you recommend for or against it? I keep on hearing great things about it but I want to hear your opinion.

Thanks again for this terrific diet. I have gotten leaner beyond what I thought was possible for myself.


I think any diet that tells you to eat toxic foods is a very bad diet for long-term health and leanness.

Besides that, why re-ignite junk food cravings and bad dietary habits after the V-Diet has helped you get control of them? It’s a slippery slope. Like telling the alcoholic that the occasional drunken night will help him beat alcoholism.

Not recommended.

BTW, the author of that diet has done the V-Diet. Maybe he wouldn’t have needed it if his own diet worked well.

Now, a smart refeed plan may be a better bet if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Just run a search for “carb cycling” at TMuscle.

Always straight up and to the point. Thanks Chris.

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