Cheat Meal Story

I just wanted to say…Tonight I decided to “cheat.” I know how you feel about cheating, but let me just say, my “cheat” consisted of eating 2 bags of broccoli. Like I said, I know you don’t believe in cheating, but these 2 bags totaled around 30 g of carbs, and a ton of fiber, etc. Before doing the V-Diet, my cheating was just about every night, not once in a blue moon, and that cheating was me on the couch - eating a pint of ben and jerrys and an entire large sized bag of powdered donuts in one sitting, wondering why my training and long distance running wasn’t paying off. HAHAHA!

Anyway, i also wanted to mention that my roommate and his girlfriend made a batch of brownies yesterday and they both tried to convince me that I could have just one, that it wouldn’t hurt me. I politely declined, and his girlfriend got kind of upset. The next morning, I woke up and saw that she had left a plate next to my cooking pans that I use to make my morning omelet. HA! (I did not indulge).

Anyway, I guess I’m just trying to say thanks. Although I still don’t follow my diet perfectly, I can say that my “cheats” consist of almonds, or an extra serving of fruit, but NOT a pint or two of ice cream. The next thing I’m going to have to tackle is my addiction to diet sodas! V-Diet possibility? HA

That’s great!

Nothing wrong with the occasional healthy refeed when dieting hard. Unfortunately, the “planned carb up” usually becomes an excuse for a toxic binge, which has no benefits over a healthy refeed and usually snowballs into several unplanned feedings.

I think the V-Diet and other strict plans help you to reprogram that line of thinking. And when a giant pile of vegetables or other healthy food feels like a “cheat” then you know you’ve come a long way!

I cheated a few nights ago. I had an extra serving of almonds, and two tomatoes sliced up with some olive oil mayo, tomato basil spices, and fat free parmesan cheese. And my abs have never been clearer. The V-Diet seriously messed with my head Chris. You’re an evil mastermind.

I ate three pieces of Domino’s on Sunday…I paid for it later… I had a horrible stomach pain at about 3am, woke up out of bed and went straight to the bathroom for a while…I guess my body can not take that food anymore…The v-diet sure has changed my cravings when I eat as well. If there are not enough vegies in front of me I will cook up some more.

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