Changing V-Diet with Physical Job

Hey all, I apologize if this has been covered, but I searched and couldn’t really find an answer.

I’m working as a mover, so anywhere from four to eight plus hours of my day are spent carrying people’s junk around. It’s often fairly weighty and often up and down stairs. Should I be sticking with the prescribed number of shakes as laid out by the diet, or is it possible to add in some more? I find that if it’s a long day or particularly strenuous, I get a tad light-headed and borderline nauseous.

Today was a twelve-hour day, so I couldn’t help but have an extra shake while my co-workers feasted upon a couple large meat-lover’s pizzas courtesy of the customer. It helped a bit, but the lack of carbs on these long days really gets to me.

Any advice?

You may skip the daily NEPA walk if you feel like it since your NEPA is very high already, but for now I wouldn’t adjust the diet/calories at all. You may not feel “optimal” but it is an extreme diet after all, and optimal isn’t expected during the first week or so.

Alrighty then. Just wanted to make sure. It has been getting progressively easier, but that long day really took the fight out of me.

Would it be detrimental or at the very least completely unnecessary to mix some leucine or other bcaas into my water that I drink throughout the work day?

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