Changing the Weight Routine?

I am currently attempting a cut and have been tinkering with caloric intake, but I am hoping to get that sorted out and make some progress losing fat. My thinking was once I dropped a bit of weight and possibly stalled I was going to try the V-diet.

My question is- There are several exercises I can not do on the program- enough that I am unsure if it would even be beneficial to do it. I have a pretty bad back and have to be somewhat careful what I do. Can I do the current program I am doing and do the V-diet in conjunction? I am doing the Best Damn Workout for Natural Lifters 2 currently (I really like this program), or would it be better to try and sub out all the exercises I have issues with and replace them with ones I can do? I know they don’t want you changing things up at all, but that is really not an option for me, at least as far as exercise goes.

The Best Damn program should be fine because it’s lower volume. In the article, Thib talks about how the pan can work well for fat loss. You should keep the daily NEPA in, but may need to play around and adjust the calories to account for workout nutrition. Lifting without Plazma, especially on a high frequency program like Best Damn plus a calorie restricted plan like the Velocity Diet, will be really tough on recovery.

Not sure how you want to handle the v-burn. I’d almost definitely still keep it if you can handle the movements since it’s a good way to track relative strength/performance and add some higher intensity conditioning.

You might also want to ask Christian Thibaudeau directly for any more input by posting in his coaching forum:

Thank you Chris. So, for now, everything is pretty much on hold, since the world went crazy. I will ask Coach Thibaudeau for some extended direction. I was thinking of keeping the v-burn and just doing it after Saturdays workout since the best damn workouts are fairly time short. I know you are a form director, but in your opinion do you really need to use Biotest protein shakes vs. any other brands? Are they really that superior (because they are a bit more expensive than say gold standard).

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