Change in Body fat?


I have my stats and log listed in the diet logs forum but had a question. After one week I see a weight change of 9lbs and a drop in body fat of 3.5%. 17% to 13.5% That seems like a fairly significant drop in body fat in such a short time. Have you seen that before? Also is there a need or a problem with taking a multi vitamin during this diet? Thanks


  1. Body fat measurements are way off typically. All methods of testing are very unreliable, especially those electric scales. Pay no attention to it. Use tape measurements as the plan suggests.

  2. No need when using Superfood. Added vitamin D would be all I’d generally recommend since most people are low in it.


Thanks Chris. I definately used the measurements. In fact so far I have followed everything exactly as recommended. I only did the body fat because I had been using the same machine prior to starting the V-Diet.