Chad Waterbury's Diet Guideline in HIAH?

basically in chads book “Huge in a Hurry” he says to not count calories at all. he says only count protein grams.

he recommends 3 meals and 3 snacks a day.

for carbs eat a serving of veggies and a piece of fruit for every feeding.

eat a source of fat at every feeding(fish oil, walnuts, xtra virgin olive oil, etc)

for protein he says an egg, and basically an ounce of any kind of meat or cheese has 7 grams of protein. make snacks 20 grams of protein so basically 3 ounces of meat/cheese or 3 eggs for snacks. for meals 6 ounces or meat/cheese or eggs. <thats when shooting for 200 grams of protein per day. for cutting subtract fruit from every meal except breakfast.

i was just wondering what you thought of this approach? it is a very simple way of eating cleaner.

That’s basically how I’m eating now, 6 grams of meat or 6 eggs and fruit with 3 meals, as well as adding a starch, either quinoa or sweet potato or beans/lentil for 2 meals on non workout days and all 3 on workout days (I make dinner pretty close to a postworkout meal) I’m also doing a pulse fast once a week, my goal is to get stronger, minimize fat gain, or even lose a bit and it seems to be working, I feel a little bigger while weighing the same, and I’m making consistent strengh gains workout to workout.

how long have you been on it? you only eat 3 meals per day?

Sounds like a basic healthy eating plan.

And keep in mind that sometimes when people say “eat three meals” a day they’re also adding a couple of protein shakes, peri-workout nutrition drinks etc. “Meals” = solid food, even though a 300 calorie protein shake is a meal technically, just in liquid form.

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