Chad Waterbury - Hyper Workout


Do you have a link for Chad Waterburys best hypertrophy, and/or strength workout?


Coach Waterbury has a ton of plans here in the archives of T Nation. We have a couple of new ones from him (one posted today) plus all these:

You can also view his V-Diet workouts, which are great plans even if you’re not in the Velocity Diet:

As for which is the best, that’s tough to say. It may come down to the style of training you prefer, what you’re currently doing, the equipment you have available etc. I’ve always thought Chad was really onto something with two of his major ideas: 1) low reps/ high sets: like doing 8 sets of 3 instead of 3 sets of 8. Several articles on that in the archives. 2) The V-Diet style plans where you shoot for a total rep goal regardless of how many sets it takes to get there (based on hitting a certain number set #1.)

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