Chad & Chris: Replacing the V-Burn

First off I know you both hate questions like this since since you always say to stick with the program you designed… but I wanted to replace the V-Burn Challenge with tire flipping instead. I got a tire last summer and I love doing it and I think its the perfect total body exercise to replace with the V-Burn circuit you layed out plus its fun for me…

Will it do the same purpose? If the vburn challenge is superior then I will bite the bullet and do that instead…

Thanks in advance,


Tire flipping, while awesome, doesn’t fit here with the V-Diet. Mainly because it’s weight lifting, and what we want with the V-Burn, well, isn’t. It’s body weight only, which is what we need here for recovery, fixing imbalances etc.

So, save the tire flipping until the Transition phase. Hey, it’s only 28 days to wait!

Not to horn in on Chris’ response, but I have to agree 110%. I’m in my second round of the diet (did one two years ago while finishing graduate school) and i’m using it as a weight cutter for a strongman comp in 5 weeks. I’m doing my usual event training (check my V-Diet log if you’re interested) like stones, axle cleans, farmer walks, etc.
This experience has taught me three things and I can’t emphasize these points enough:

  1. Strongman is TOO MUCH for this diet.
  2. Chris is a top class pro: TRUST HIM
  3. Just do the diet.

The strongman is too stressful and it really puts your body into freak out mode. It definitely is detracting from my fat loss because my body goes into double secret calorie retention mode, which it wants to do anyways when you cut cals this hard.

Check out Dan John’s diet log. Excellent read on the diet and he makes some good points in his writing. Thought is the enemy with the V-Diet.

Having said all that, you’ll be surprised how your leverages change. I’ve had to tweak my deadlifting and my COMPLETELY rebuild my stone loading technique. I can only imagine what this is going to do for my Olympic work and sprinting.

Good luck man!

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