Cdmarko1 has Started the V-Diet

Today is my first day. Bed time is near and I just drank my last shake and am ready to get on the TreadClimber to grind off a few more calories and get my head ready for bed and work tomorrow. My job is very sedentary and I am trying to think of sustainable ways to burn more daily calories. I was anticipating being hungry with nothing but shakes all day but I feel pretty satisfied. I am 60 years young and have put on a lot of weight in the last 2 years, new job, new house and new life.

I’m 5’10’, 258lbs and have been a gym rat and exerciser for most of my adult life although the intensity of my workouts have ebbed and flowed with my job (advertising creative director in the pharmaceutical business). It is a fact that I am 60 years old but my self perception keeps wondering who the hell that old guy in the mirror is. I hate… absolutely hate the way I look. So this diet is to at least improve who is looking back at me from the mirror. 30+% body fat will become the low teens, when I finish this makeover.

Pics will be posted this week and I will keep up to date with my progress. I put a weeks worth powder in plastic bags my son said it looked like a scene from American Gangster without the naked ladies. It is great reading about all those successes out there I hope to add my diet log to them.

Awesome story cdmarko! Good Luck and I look forward to watching your progress.

Very glad to have you on board! Keep us updated!

[quote]freddyo97 wrote:
Awesome story cdmarko! Good Luck and I look forward to watching your progress.[/quote]

Thanks for the good luck I had to throw out some yummy noodles and sauce that was calling me. Pics to come and a training log…hopefully there will be some progress

Day three and I am still drinking this shake whew its getting ugly fast. I would reccomend something that was crispy or chewy but no cal to satisfy the need to use my teeth, Chris you could sell card board as a double blind tested supplement to deal with this…I’d pay 50-60 bucks for something to chew on right now.

My workouts are intense but as the day goes on I really start to crash in the early afternoon. The flax seed is the only difference in what I eat. So maybe a little insulin spike with the carbohydrates???

I’ve elected to NOT take the HOT-ROX so I juice up on black coffee to stay alert, I know its not the same but I’d like to retain some semblance of normality for when this is over. I could see myself looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy two weeks after the 28th day. I’m crashing, I’m gonna try pics tomorrow, that’s a real stretch

The week flew by. Shakes, Work, Shakes. Today is Easter Sunday (no chocolate bunny for me) and after Mass I will get my measurements (down 9 lbs. on 7th day) done and post my pics. Having dinner with my son, GF and friends, a little challenge, but I have no problem drinking water and bringing a shake along. Its too nice a group to miss the company. Happy Easter.

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