CDMac's V-Diet Log





  • Due to scheduling, did not get these pics taken until today, November 8th, 2017 when I ended the V-Diet on the 4th.

  • Good news is that I think they still show progress from last week and certainly are good “AFTER” pics

  • I was going to take some flexed/posed shots too but will post those here going forward CDMac’s 5/3/1 Triumvirate Log

  • Thanks for all the advice, support, and information to all of you that commented along the way.

  • I feel like I got the results I was looking for and will probably lean on the V-Diet again to make an ever bigger cut down the road - maybe for the T-ransformation2018 challenge on T-Nation


BEFORE 10/2/2017


AFTER 11/8/2017


Lookin good brother, can definitely see the difference. I’ll be following your 5/3/1 journey. I’m going to stick to mine beyond the 28 days and see what more I can do. I’ve got the size I want (For now) but I gotta be able to see it!


Great job @CDMac24. Looking forward to following your 531 log as well.


Great read, thanks!


@CDMac24 WOW! Just read through your Velocity plan thread. Amazing documentation and results! I have just started and am inspired by your thread. Thanks man! :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback!


Hiya. Thanks for the feedback.

Good luck on your journey.

Are you keeping a log on here?

EDIT: found your log and posted a comment there.