CDMac's V-Diet Log


Ya, I totally get the non-linear component of fat loss.

I guess my original plan (28 days as the diet is written) changed when I thought I might want to get down to a magic scale weight number (165). I’m not all that motivated by the scale weight really so seeing the progress I have already made has been very encouraging. I think I’m just itching to start training for size/strength.

As I was just out walking, I was thinking about this so it’s ironic that you would post about not making a decision too soon.

I’ve just been really moody and drained at the end of the day and I’d rather not be like that when it’s my time to be with my wife in the evenings. I dunno, I am going to make this a game time decision and see which way I’m leaning on Sunday after weigh-in and pictures.

I may just end up going back to the idea of extending for another week (5 weeks total) or I may just end it and start getting in the gym that week to get some TMs established.

Thanks for the input and I think I agree with you to just wait and see.


Beach bodies are made in the cold of winter, covered in layers, and hairy AF. :wink:


Well, I agree with the covered in layers but I’m rather light on hair and sometimes shave when I’m training hard

12 weeks 5/3/1 triumvirate gets me to Jan28th. I’ll see how I feel on that and decide whether to run another 4 week cycle or if I need to change it up.

Main thing is getting back to a regular training schedule and being more mindful of my nutrition.


Been lurking, but I’ve been enjoying reading your log @CDMac24. It was your log that got me over the hump and got my fat ass going.



I half ass my logging on here…I read his logs and I’m like…why tf am I even typing this out. Look at this detailed log over here…


Thanks man. I try to be thorough more as a way to use my log as an accountability partner in this thing but I’m glad it’s reaching and helping others too.

I’ll probably have a good debrief/postmortem after this run to highlight some of my thoughts and experiences.


Just saw @T_Nation posted this on Twitter Mass Gain 101 and it fits right into where I’m headed.

Glad to have a little more of a blueprint on how to set up a growth phase with nutrition/macros

It’s like they were reading my mind when I was thinking, “hmmm starting at +200 calories over maintenance may not be enough to really train hard.”

The author even used a 170lbs guy as the example :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


DAY 25 - Thursday 10/26/2017

1000 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1330 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1400 - 1430 NEPA - Hot-Rox(1)
1600 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (only 1 scoop)

HSM: 509 kcal
3.2oz ribeye
100g salad mix
100g Roma tomato
100g avocado
143g red bell pepper

2.02 miles / 29:04 / 249 kcal burned


  • Slept in until 9:30 - Body was screaming for sleep
  • Was thinking of stopping after 28 days instead of the additonal week
  • @tstoddard79 makes good sense in saying wait to decide until later
  • Will continue to monitor and see how my body feels after Sunday


DAY 26 - Friday 10/27/2017

0700 - 0800 - Workout (Plazma)/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
0930 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Flameout)
1200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2)
1400 - 1500 NEPA
1600 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1900 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (only 1 scoop)

HSM: kcal

  • Lost track of this but it was about 550 and was leftover steak and sweet potato and salad

2.15 miles / 29:55 / 276 kcal burned


DAY 27 & 28 - Saturday and Sunday 10/28-29/2017

  • These were some chaotic days and met several challenges along the way
  • I overcame some, and others I did not
  • Moving forward having learned that I’m fully committed but need to plan trips/weekends better
  • Saturday drove from Pittsburgh to Akron for football game
  • Had 3 shakes but dinner was a mess and I wasn’t as clean as I should have been
  • Sunday didn’t get back home until late and didn’t get my V-Burn challenge in although nutrition was better
  • Plan to V-Burn tonight for my final challenge (I will add one serving of Plazma for the challenge so I don’t BONK)
  • Still need measurements to post
  • All in all, it was a great weekend but I wasn’t as prepared for the trip and nutrition requirements as I wanted to be


How do you like the Hot-Rox @CDMac24?


Well, initially I took 2 on the second day and that was a bad idea

Once my body adjusted I can take either 1 or 2 but I’m not 100% sure how much it helps fat loss

There have been a few days that I think I had too much caffeine (I drink coffee too) and I think afternoon Hot-Rox bonked me

Not 100% sure if it was too much stimulants in my body or lack of calories though

I’ve been taking them assuming there is a decent appetite suppressant but I probably won’t be able to fully understand how it affects me until after I’m done with this V-Diet as there are too many variables involved at the moment to make any clear distinctions.

I know that isn’t that much help - I do notice an increase in energy for the most part with taking them though (except the days I’ve hit the wall in the afternoons)


DAY 29 - Monday 10/30/2017

0800 - 0900 - Workout (Plazma)/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
0930 - Breakfast (Metabolic Drive/Flameout)
1230 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2)
1400 - 1500 NEPA
1530 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout
2200 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout (only 1 scoop)

HSM: 633 kcal
4oz ground turkey
.25cup Ragu chunky tomato, garlic and onion
2oz gluten free fettucine
1 slice Ezekiel sprouted wheat garlic bread
100g salad mix
100g Roma tomato
100g red bell pepper

3.02 miles / 42:03 / 386 kcal burned


  • Workout today was establishing training maxes for next week’s start of 5/3/1
  • Worked Military Press today
  • Worked up to a 2RM of 135
  • I think I could have gone 3 reps and might have been able to do more than 135 but decided to take it easy
  • 135x2 = 1RM of 144 and a training max (rounded to nearest 5 lbs) of 130 for Military Press
  • Also did back/core work (decline weighted (10lbs) crunches and weighted (10lbs) 45 degree back extensions)
  • During NEPA, paced off a hill that’s 1.5 miles into my walking route to use for conditioning hill runs going forward



  • I didn’t specifically state this above so, for the record, I am going to extend my V-Diet another week

  • Going to adjust training though to set my training maxes for 5/3/1 to start 11/6 and not do the V-Diet training

  • Not 100% sure how effective that will be in additional fat loss but it’ll keep me on the lower side of the energy spectrum and prevent me from going hog wild in the gym and setting too high TMs

  • Jim recommends starting too light on the TMs so I’ll start here and see how the first cycle (4 weeks) goes

--------------------------------- 10/1/2017 10/8/2017 10/15/2017 10/22/2017 10/30/2017
WEIGHT 178.8 173 174 169.8 169.4
NECK 16.4 15.7 15.2 15.3 15.3
SHOULDERS 45.2 46.1 46.2 47.1 46.6
CHEST 37.7 38.8 39 39 39.3
WAIST ABOVE NAVEL 33.2 32.7 31.8 31 31.4
WAIST ACROSS NAVEL 34.8 33.9 33.1 32.9 31.6
WAIST BELOW NAVEL 35.7 34.6 33.5 33.1 31.9
HIPS 38.9 38.8 38.7 39 37.7
BICEP L 13.1 13.3 13.2 14 13.6
BICEP R 13 13.2 13.3 13.7 13.3
THIGH L 21 22.6 22.6 22.3 22.0
THIGH R 20.8 22.2 22.2 22.1 21.7
CALF L 15.3 15.1 15.1 15.5 15.1
CALF R 15.5 15.3 15.2 15.8 15.3







  • Really see a good body comp difference despite little change in scale weight
  • Must be losing fat and gaining as much weight in muscle at the same/similar rate
  • Will be interesting to see the difference this coming week with change in training

Pictures to follow later today


DAY 30 - Tuesday 10/31/2017

0800 - 0900 - Breakfast/Workout - Metabolic Drive/(Plazma)/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1100 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1400 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2)
1400 - 1500 NEPA
1700 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout

HSM: 588 kcal

  • trying to eat up the leftovers

2oz ground turkey
2oz fajita steak
.25cup Ragu tomato, garlic & onion sauce
1oz Barilla gluten free fettucine
1cup onions
4oz bell peppers mixed (red and green)
1 slice Ezekiel sprouted wheat garlic bread

2.01 miles / 29:02 / 249 kcal burned


  • Workout today was establishing training maxes for next week’s start of 5/3/1
  • Worked Deadlift today
  • Worked up to a 3RM of 275
  • I could have done more reps but my left hand grip gave out so that’s my weak link (forgot to use hook grip)
  • 275x3 = 1RM of 302 and a training max (rounded to nearest 5 lbs) of 275 for Deadlift
  • Also did back/core work (hanging leg raises 5x15 and good mornings 5x15x50)
  • Was going to do some hill sprints today as part of NEPA but do not want to BONK still on caloric deficit
  • Can kick in conditioning work next week once I start eating for growth phase
  • New pics will have to wait until tomorrow





  • Happy with my progress even though I had some nutritional breakdowns this weekend
  • Notice that my left hip is always higher in my photos - maybe ask chiro Dr about that
  • My son was home from college this weekend and remarked that my obliques were crazy big =)
  • Still have a little pooch lower abdomen - hopefully that tightens up over time/training
  • Conditioning looks good and about ready to kick off growth phase
  • One final round of pics and I’ll post before/after then end this V-Diet log
  • I’m leaner now than I have been since I got out of the Corps in 2001 (maybe leaner than then even)
  • I’d still hope to see some more body comp changes and reduction of a few %BF going forward
  • Wish I had taken all my pics zoomed out like this to see/record leg changes


DAY 31 - Wednesday 11/01/2017

0900 - Breakfast Metabolic Drive/(Plazma)/Superfood/Flameout/Hot-Rox(1)
1130 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1400 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout/Hot-Rox(2)
1400 - 1500 NEPA
1700 - Metabolic Drive/Flameout
1930 - Dinner (HSM) / Flameout

HSM: 766 kcal

81g Green Bean Almondine
150g Garlic Red Potatoes
@CDmac 100g salad (100g Roma tomato, 100g salad mix, 100g red bell pepper, 48g avocado)
.5tbsp olive oil consumed
.5tbsp butter consumed

  • Substituted 2Tbsp olive oil for the 1/4 cup butter in the potato recipe
  • Substituted 2Tbsp olive oil for the 2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil in the steak marinade

2.03 miles / 29:16 / 252 kcal burned


  • Made the switch to having all shakes before HSM so that I would not BONK during the day
  • My evening shake has been too close to my HSM since I eat late and go to bed a couple hours after HSM
  • Felt much better during the day yesterday/today with the extra shake before the HSM
  • Today is an OFF day so I am letting my body rest and not going to run hills yet (next week will crank it up)
  • Need to start ramping up caloric intake as training intensity increases - 766 calorie HSM tonight


I gotta have that taco recipe above…
Solid work man I’ll be updating tonight as well. I’m glad you decided to stay in another week. I think you’re right on the cusp of a true goal physique. Just keep those NEPAs fasted, move that fish oil away from your post workout and take two later.


Tell me more about the fish oil timing.

I wasn’t aware that it made a diff when I took them. Please enlighten me.

Ya, man, I think I may have screwed up on this final week some trying to serve 2 masters.

Should have pushed off the start of 5/3/1 another week and just stuck to the V-Diet and training.

I am not eating enough to be pushing myself for 3 Rem Maxes and also doing assistance and conditioning.

Lesson learned.

If I don’t get the exact leanness I want after this week, I may just have to wait for a while and maybe run another small cut at the end of 12-14 weeks of 5/3/1

Good news is that it’s winter time and I’ll have plenty of time to get cut before summer =) and I will have learned a little along the way.

Wife is still thinking about running V-Diet so if she does, I’ll probably do it with her - we’ll see.